COVID-19: A Lot of Hot Air and a Refreshing Breeze.

The Washington Post recently published a story saying that the relationship between President Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci had deteriorated to the point where the two haven’t spoken since June. Other outlets quickly seized upon the story to frame the narrative that the White House is “undermining” Fauci and that it is dangerous to disparageContinue reading “COVID-19: A Lot of Hot Air and a Refreshing Breeze.”

The Coronavirus Crisis: A Star is Born.

Americans are spending an inordinate amount of time watching television of late and I think we can all agree the constant barrage of Covid-19-themed commercials long ago achieved critical mass. In an earlier blog, I did speak to the latest iteration of pablum coming from Madison Avenue. Old platitudes and trite, hackneyed phrases like “We’reContinue reading “The Coronavirus Crisis: A Star is Born.”