Democrats Choose Grumpy Old White Men: The “Woke” Have Spoke

For years, the Democrats – masters at division and identity politics – have pitted black against white, male against female, young against old, rich against poor, gay against straight, religious against secularist, citizen against illegal, American against foreign-born, socialist against capitalist, Republican against Democrat. By so doing, the Democrats believe they can cobble together everyContinue reading “Democrats Choose Grumpy Old White Men: The “Woke” Have Spoke”

“Democratic Socialism.” Don’t Say You Ain’t Been Warned.

Bernie Sanders is on the precipice of being the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee……..and he isn’t even a registered Democrat. He is registered as an Independent. He refers to himself as a “Democratic Socialist” and calls what he is selling “Democratic Socialism.” Norman Mattoon Thomas – who was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidentialContinue reading ““Democratic Socialism.” Don’t Say You Ain’t Been Warned.”

A Fidel, an Infidel and a Raft of S _ _t.

Bernie Sanders, the Democrat Party’s potential presidential nominee, visited with “60 Minutes” over the weekend. The self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” once again took the opportunity to defend and even embrace everything that is antithetical to the United States in the country of Cuba. Sanders stated: “We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba but youContinue reading “A Fidel, an Infidel and a Raft of S _ _t.”