I’ve Been Thinking. This Week’s Random Riot Ramblings.

As I watch the national insurrection aimed at fundamentally-transforming the country under the guise of giving a damn about George Floyd, I have committed to memory the hypocrisy, the gaslighting, the flat out lying by Democrat leaders as well as our corrupt, defunct Fourth Estate. These are just off the top of my head, soContinue reading “I’ve Been Thinking. This Week’s Random Riot Ramblings.”

Taking a Knee. Defunding Police. Never Letting a Crisis Go to Waste.

Within the past couple of days, we have learned that ANTIFA has been planning their insurrection since last November, hoping to begin their siege during this election year for the sole purpose of destroying Donald Trump, who stands in the way of their nihilism and depravity, their goal of changing the United States into aContinue reading “Taking a Knee. Defunding Police. Never Letting a Crisis Go to Waste.”

Black Lives Matter. Big Lies Matter.

If you don’t know the name Candace Owens, you should. She is a young, black, conservative commentator and political activist, wise and articulate beyond her years. As a black female, you’d expect the tolerant, diverse, woke left to embrace her, but you’d be wrong. You see, Ms. Owens doesn’t “stay on the plantation” or adhereContinue reading “Black Lives Matter. Big Lies Matter.”