COVID-19: Fear, Loathing, Lying, Censorship and Drug Pushing in Washington.

Think about how dramatically your life has changed since March of this year. You are now told what to wear, where you can and cannot go, which direction to walk in a store, where and how far apart to stand, whether or not you’re allowed to open your business, whether or not you’re allowed to go to work to support your family……..and, straight out of a Seinfeld episode, you’re now told what does and does not qualify as food. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says “soup and sandwich…..that is a meal” while chicken wings are not. Serve the latter and he will shut down your bar.

The powers-that-be took away your beaches and parks, they would not let you cut your grass, use your motorboat or paint your house during this down time. They took away your 4th of July Parade, your Mummers Parade, your picnics, your concerts, your food festivals. They took away your business, your job, your livelihood, your life’s work, your church, gym, barber shop/salon, your restaurants/bars, your schools, churches and synagogues and won’t allow you to visit your aging parents and grandparents. They’ve isolated you and separated you from your friends and family and all of your support systems. They’ve politicized masks and COVID-19 so as to pit families and friends against one another on social media, causing you to lose the little social connection you had left. There are no weddings, funerals, baptisms, bar/bat mitzvahs, first communions, confirmations or family reunions. Anything and everything that had to do with family or faith has been banned. They’ve even essentially taken away our sports by injecting politics, black lives matter and national anthem kneeling protests into “America’s favorite pastime” and “America’s game” during a time when many Americans have nothing else to look forward to.

We were told that it was all for our own good, because our very lives were at stake. People are willing to give up a lot when they’ve been led to believe that “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!” Far too many have been far too willing to give up essential liberties for temporary security. As Ben Franklin said, those who would do so “deserve neither and will lose both.”

The same people who tell you that they did this to protect your health allow liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries to remain open while closing gyms and churches and arresting their owners and parishioners.

The same people who tell you that you’re perfectly safe if you sit stark-naked with your legs up and spread apart in stirrups while getting an abortion tell you that you will die if you sit fully-clothed and masked in a barber’s chair for 20 minutes once a month to get a trim….or if you sit in a church pew for one hour, one day a week while fully-clothed and wearing a mask, at least six feet away from another human being.

A massive, human experiment is taking place in real time. What America-hating leftist Democrats have learned – and now established – is that they can now control an entire population simply by making them believe they’re going to die if they don’t adhere to their own draconian, totalitarian policies, edicts and orders…….none of which is Constitutional. There is no “pandemic exclusion clause” in our Constitution which allows mayors or governors to take away your God-given rights because of a virus and there is no Constitutional authority by which a mayor or governor can write and enforce “laws” based on his whims. The legislature creates law, not a mayor, not a governor, not a president. 

The mask has become the modern-day Star of David and the leftists in our government have established that they can force you to wear it, even though there is no such law on the books. Dare to drive your car with New Jersey plates into Florida and see how quickly you’re pulled over and questioned. Make no mistake, in due time, the mask will become this decade’s new seat belt law. Totalitarian governors will decree that you put on a mask as soon as you leave your home. Police will be charged with enforcement, pulling you over in your car, initially as a secondary offense, but eventually as a primary offense. It will become a huge revenue stream for local towns and municipalities.

Because of COVID-19 fear mongering by Democrats and the media and the new powers they have been able to wrest from a scared-into-submission, willing, cowering public as a result, the American People will forever have to live under a sword of Damacles, always wondering when the next shutdown or edict will come, when the next Constitutional right will be stripped away. As Thomas Jefferson said, “when the government increases, the People decrease.”

While all of this has been going on, the Democrat Party has grown into the largest drug cartel in history, getting millions of American addicted to the government “heroin” in the form of extended unemployment payments and an additional $600 per week from the feds, simply for existing. This is the Great Society on steroids. Many Americans are making more by not working than while working and many employers are reporting that – as a result – they cannot get their people back. This is by design. Unemployed people who are then dependent on government will vote for the Party who is issuing the checks. To quote Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, “the more people you can get dependent on government checks, the more powerful the people issuing the checks become.”

It’s a very simple premise. When you reward (subsidize) behavior, you’ll get more of it. When you remove the reward (subsidy), you’ll get less of it. If you pay people not to work, especially if you pay them more not to work……well, you get the idea.

Human nature does not change. We will always have the makers and the takers. As the late Dr. Charles Krauthammer said, “Democrats create subsidy to create dependency to create constituency.” As Benjamin Franklin said, “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

As I write, the Democrats and Republicans are going back and forth on a new round of pandemic “stimulus”. Even though Mitch McConnell and the Republicans knew that the day of reckoning for unemployment and extra federal benefits was coming to an end this week, they dilly-dallied. The Democrats put forth their plan long ago while the Republicans waited until the last minute…and it’s one-third of what the Democrats want. The Republican plan would cut the additional weekly $600 Americans are currently receiving to $200. Chuck Schumer has portrayed that not as the Republicans giving Americans an extra $200 per week over and above their regular unemployment benefits, but, rather, “taking $1,600 a month out of your pocket.”

Given their dithering, I believe that many Republicans don’t care if they lose the White House and the Senate majority because their lives won’t change one iota. Even as the minority Party they’d still be invited to all the best dinner and cocktail parties, they’d still have their country club memberships and all the perks that come with being “public servants” while living off the rest of us. In many ways, their lives would be even better. As the minority Party, all they’d have to do is show up and bitch and complain about the Democrats until the next midterm election in two years……a pretty easy gig. This is why the dead wood in the Republican Party has to go. Mitch McConnell shouldn’t even buy green bananas anymore. Once we get rid of these career – and careerist – politicians, think of the money we’d save on Depends alone.

As for the Democrats, they don’t care if they bankrupt the country by continuing to give away trillions of dollars that will see our great-great-great grandchildren being born into debt. Democrats don’t want to be judged on outcomes. They want to be judged on intentions. That’s because they believe their intentions – or rather, how the public perceives their intentions – will win them the White House and the Senate and their disastrous outcomes won’t happen until after the election when it will be too late. Then, their Trojan Horse candidate (Joe Biden) will have served his purpose and they can get down to creating the socialist dystopia Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez envision for America. The Democrats simply must continue to pay Americans for not working, at least until the election, in order to “prove” to them just how good is socialism. They must continue to feed their “heroin” habit through November 3rd.

With their three trillion-dollar plan out there – even if it never gets passed – the Democrats believe they can portray themselves as compassionate and – by comparison – the Republicans as uncaring, given their (portrayed as such) meager $1 trillion proposal.

Meanwhile, Americans who have chosen to remain dependent on government, who have chosen not to take a “pay cut” by going back to work….will eventually find out just how great socialism is. Regardless of what happens on November 3rd, the checks WILL have to stop at some point because this is simply unsustainable. And when they do, those who decided to suckle at the government tit may not have jobs to go back to as others will have since taken them or those businesses will no longer exist. As my Nana would say to such people, “So who did you spite?”

As the Democrats and the media continue to lie and to foment fear, as labs continue to artificially inflate the COVID case numbers, as the media refuse to publicize the lowering death rates, as Anthony Fauci continues to lecture us about wearing masks while eschewing one himself after his little girl first pitch at the Nationals opener, as Andrew Cuomo schools us on what is and is not a meal and threatens to close bars who serve chicken wings, as DAs charge law abiding citizens with legally-owned weapons for defending their homes, as governors have gym owners arrested for opening their businesses, as Democrats continue to defend (and fund) anarchist thugs who are destroying businesses, burning down cities, killing innocent civilians, assaulting and/or killing police and removing our history, as totalitarian governors and mayors continue to strip us of our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms, as the complicit, left-wing media and social media platforms censor doctors who dare to counter the prevailing wisdom (read: lies) and science (read: propaganda) coming from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC and other so-called “experts”…….

……….as they do all of this……..

……they have taken away or destroyed everything that brings a person joy and connectedness, everything that makes life worth living. All of it has either been taken from us or ruined by far-left radicals, anarchists, America-haters and Donald Trump haters who have injected fear, hatred and politics into them, for no other reason other than to make us lonely, isolated, depressed, hopeless, hapless, broke, pissed off and ultimately vengeful, hoping we’ll blame President Trump for this mess and hoping we’ll turn our ire against him in November.

Those with evil intent would sooner see this country burned to the ground simply to rule the ashes rather than to see Donald Trump in office for another four years. They have never in history been this close to achieving their socialist utopia and the more it appears that they will lose this fight, the more they will ramp up their vitriol and violence. I pray that a majority of Americans can see what is going on here and see it for what it really is……a concerted, coordinated effort to remove a duly-elected president from office when nothing else they’ve tried to do has had the desired effect. What Americans have to decide is whether or not they’d rather die on their feet than live on their knees.

TOPSHOT – US President Donald Trump looks on before delivering a speech during the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting on January 26, 2018 in Davos, eastern Switzerland. / AFP PHOTO / Fabrice COFFRINI (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Let this writer state for the record that no level of misery that can be brought to me would inspire me to vote for Joe Biden, because I know precisely what a Biden presidency would mean for this nation and for the world. Were I to find myself in my car shivering and eating worms on November 3rd, there is nothing that would stop me from voting to reelect Donald J Trump. NOTHING. Period.

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