From Majestic to Racist: What a Difference an Election Makes

The “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” that Barack Obama promised in 2008 is now going at warp speed, all at the hands of panicked leftists, socialists, Marxists, the Democrats and their complicit, propaganda arm we all know as the media, the Fourth Estate. They must make as many changes to our country as quickly as they can before Donald Trump wins reelection and both he and the American People shut them all down.

In the Left’s world, the Bizarro World, everything is fluid, malleable, subject to change at a moment’s notice, to fit the current narrative. The Left has been successful at blurring the lines between the sexes/genders and are now applying that same model to any number of things, including morality and the general sense of right and wrong that – until recently – was a widely-understood and accepted notion. What was good is now bad and what was once bad is now good. The decision on which is which is now left up to the individual rather than society, or traditional conventional wisdom. Everything is racist and nothing is racist. It all depends on who is doing the talking, the person who is the topic of discussion, who committed the act or said the words, the news outlet reporting the story, the current narrative and the ultimate goal.   

For example, when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama visited Mt. Rushmore, CNN called it “majestic.” Just five years ago, when Bernie Sanders visited, he said: “Just the accomplishment and the beauty. It really does make one very proud to be an American. This is our country at its very best… What an incredible achievement.

Mt. Rushmore was completed in 1941, shortly before Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were born. It hasn’t changed in nearly 80 years……but Biden and Sanders certainly have, as has the entire Democrat Party, dragged to the extreme left by a woke generation whose parents’ hard-earned tuition dollars bought them brand new children that they didn’t recognize when they came home for Thanksgiving after their first semester……children who were taught to hate them, their customs, their traditions, their values, to hate their country and to hate everything that existed prior to George Floyd’s death, after which these mollycoddled misfits took over the narrative……and the nation.

Now, Mt. Rushmore – like so many statues and monuments across the country – is the latest victim, the latest “bad thing,” according to the woke mob. CNN’s Leyla Santiago described President Trump’s Independence Day weekend visit to Mt. Rushmore this way:

“Kicking off the Independence Day weekend, President Trump will be at Mt. Rushmore, where he’ll be standing in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans and we’re told that he’ll be focusing on the effort to, quote, tear down our country’s history.” In contrast, when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton visited Mt. Rushmore, the same CNN’s Jim Acosta said that it was “a fitting stop for a presidential contender.” This time around, however, other leftist cable and broadcast networks as well as the New York Times framed Trump’s visit much in the same way as Ms. Santiago.  

In another glaring display of a total lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy, just as with Mt. Rushmore, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC & New York Times is each headquartered in Manhattan, on land once owned by Native Americans.

We’ve been told that Mt. Rushmore is a “symbol of white supremacy.” Applying the left’s own logic, one might ask why the Native Americans wouldn’t be welcoming to white men, to Europeans? Were the “indigenous people” xenophobes or rejecting these new immigrants who were coming here simply for a better life? Why were they trying to keep them out? Isn’t that just like building a wall? Were the American Indians racists?  

Isn’t it funny that none of the illegals sneaking into this country or overstaying their visas seem to mind Mt. Rushmore or any of America’s statues so much? Isn’t it funny that the so-called “dreamers” who came here as children didn’t grow up and suddenly rush back to their home countries, having realized as adults what a racist country we are?

It isn’t only inanimate representations like Mt. Rushmore, statues and paintings that are under attack. It is the very people they portray that are now the victims of the left’s scorn. Joe Biden’s Independence Day video message went like this:

“Our country was founded on an idea: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ We’ve never lived up to it. Jefferson himself didn’t – he held slaves, women were excluded.” I’ll give Biden credit for one thing. At least this time, he didn’t say “You know, the thing.” Biden’s message was in stark contrast to Trump’s. How any voter could be undecided at this point leaves me incredulous, to say the least.

The Party of tolerance, the Party of forgiveness and redemption which gave Ted Kennedy a pass after he murdered a woman, who gave Bill Clinton a pass after he was “serviced” in the Oval Office by a young intern and who continues to give Joe Biden a pass for his decades of racist statements, up to and including his “you ain’t black” comment of only a few weeks ago…..

……is unwilling to judge Thomas Jefferson George Washington and others for their lives in toto, choosing to instead condemn them for all eternity for something they did that was wrong – looking through the prism of time – but which was commonplace and part of our culture at that time in our history, something our forebearers – if alive today – would certainly regret, denounce, repent and atone for.   

Not even the statues of prominent blacks nor abolitionists can escape the clueless, millennial mobs. Particularly disturbing to me was the toppling of the Rochester, New York statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglas this weekend, on the anniversary of his July 4, 1852 speech in which he described the US Constitution as “a glorious liberty document.” With all of their education, with the entire world at their fingertips in their smart phones, not one of them was aware of just who Douglass was, nor what he stood for. If a statue is old, it must be bad and therefore we must tear it down.

No one……I repeat……NO ONE in our leftist, elite ruling class, none of these anarchist thugs gives a damn about Mt. Rushmore, statues, plaques, memorials, paintings, murals or the people they portray. None of them gives a damn that any of them owned slaves and they don’t give a damn about George Floyd. They also don’t give a damn about black lives. They don’t give a damn about ANY lives.

The same people offended by statues, paintings and murals don’t seem the least bit concerned about the slaughter of people of color in our major cities. The same people who claim to care about children when they’re shot in schools haven’t said a word about the black children being shot up on the streets and in their homes in our inner cities – like Chicago – on an almost daily basis. The same people who pound the table about the COVID spikes haven’t said a word about the spikes in shootings and killings in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and other Democrat-run cities.

The only thing the radical, socialist Marxist thugs wreaking havoc in our cities care about, the only thing the Democrat Party and the leftist media who are inciting, promoting and defending these anarchists care about……is getting rid of Donald Trump. Period. End of sentence. End of discussion.  

When I was growing up, my mother used to tell me that the more successful I became, the more people would hate me. I’ve experienced this time and again throughout my life and have witnessed it happening to others, as well.

The reason you’ve never seen the level of hatred for any other president as you do for Donald Trump is because no other president has been able to achieve what he has, both personally – before entering politics – and as president of the United States.

Manifold are his accomplishments, the list of which continued to grow, despite constant headwinds, despite a never-ending barrage of personal attacks and more than 90 percent negative press coverage, despite even the pandemic. From Russian hoaxes to a hoax impeachment to a pandemic shutdown hoax, Donald Trump has continued so persevere, no thanks to cowardly Republicans in Congress, who, not unlike Joe Biden, are hiding in their metaphorical basements. President Trump is the only thing that stands between the anarchist thugs, the Democrats, the media and America as we know it.  

Each time you see the level of attacks ramp up, rest assured, it is because they know that they are in the vocal minority, that Donald Trump is winning and that he will be re-elected and so they must try to do as much “fundamental transforming” as possible before November 3rd, at which time Trump and the American People will put an end to their national temper tantrum.

For three-plus years, President Trump has proven that conservative values work, that the free market economy works, that law and order work and that our Constitution works. By doing so, he has also proven that everything the Democrats espouse, embrace and propose are nonsensical, wrong and do not work. Trump is making them and their ideas look bad and they know it.

Earlier this year, Congressman Al Green said, “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president he will be re-elected.” Nancy Pelosi said it was “too dangerous to let the election decide” whether or not President Trump remains in office. By that, she means dangerous for her and her Party because she knows that when it is left to the voters, they will choose to re-elect President Trump and reject her and everything she and her Party stand for, just as they rejected Hillary Clinton as a proxy for Barack Obama and his “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” As it was with Hillary Clinton, when Joe Biden loses, it will be the American Peoples’ doubling down on their rejection of all things Obama.

As Bachman Turner Overdrive said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” As the election nears, we, Donald Trump and the America we know are about to have unleashed upon us something that none of us could possibly imagine. Like a rabid dog backed into a corner, the more the America-haters realize they are going down, the more the attacks – and the more vicious.

So, in a rather twisted sense, we might rejoice when we see statues being toppled, cities being burned, our president, ourselves and everything we hold near and dear subjected to a hailstorm of biblical proportions. The worse things get, the more it will prove that the forces of evil are that much more certain that President Trump is going to win and that the American People are going to win. When that day comes, their days will be numbered. I hope and pray that we are up to the challenge.

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