It Was the Best of Times. It Was the Worst of Times. It Was Starting To Look Better……..

It is with a very heavy heart that I sit at my computer this morning. Over the past couple of weeks, the negative news has been relentless. The following are just some errant ramblings on a number of topics/issues.

I know I speak for many – if not most – when I say that we no longer believe anything Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC or most of the so-called “experts” have to say regarding the Coronavirus and COVID-19. They have been wrong at every turn and have consistently flip-flopped over the past four months. The only people telling the truth all along have found themselves censored or banned from social media and are repeatedly mocked or summarily rejected on cable news. If testing were possible, you would find exponentially more American lives have been destroyed due to the totalitarian shutdowns and draconian regulations than were ever taken by COVID-19. The old cliché is true. The cure was much worse than the disease.

New restrictions have been placed on people traveling from states with spikes in COVID cases. People are asking, “How would they know? How can they enforce that?” Two words: Cell phone. Check the settings of your phone. It may have already been automatically updated to include COVID tracking. If you’re currently in a state with virus spikes and travel to a state that has implemented a 14-day quarantine, don’t be surprised if you get a notice on your phone or a knock at your door when you arrive at your destination.

Just two days before their scheduled July 2nd reopening, the governor of my state of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, banned indoor dining at Atlantic City’s casinos as well as all restaurants. This, after they had just brought back and retrained staffs, ordered untold thousands of dollars in food, and readied themselves for the new, 25 percent capacity regulations. Then, late last evening, Murphy also banned smoking and drinking, essentially dealing the casinos a pair of deuces against a blackjack. These new regs will be in place “indefinitely.” Even prior to the new smoking/drinking ban, at least one casino had already decided not to have their soft reopening on July 2nd because it simply made no business sense. I suspect other casinos will follow suit. Employees who had returned to work to prepare for their reopening will now have to go through the process of refiling for unemployment, with all of the aggravation that entails, hoping and praying that they’ll be able to receive benefits, once again.

Steve Young, left.

To add insult to injury, a local agitator/activist who is actually on the Atlantic City payroll, had already planned a black lives matter protest/shutdown of Atlantic City for this Saturday, July 4th, thee most important weekend for shore businesses. He has vowed and even doubled down on his promise to block vehicular access into Atlantic City as well as to block the boardwalk and has told listeners to local radio stations that his shutdown will happen, “110 percent.”

This same man is almost singularly responsible for the devastation brought to Atlantic City several weeks ago, after his battle cry “we’re gonna do some window shopping later” resulted in the riots, fires, destruction and theft that were visited upon so many of the city’s businesses, all of whom pay this thug’s very handsome salary through the tax dollars generated by their businesses.  

Between this weekend’s planned protest/riot/shutdown by this local race-hustler/grievance industry agitator and the new restrictions placed upon the casino industry, I cannot imagine why any of them would go forward with their plans to reopen on July 2nd, especially when casinos were already experiencing reservation cancellations, due to the protests. There are any number of ancillary businesses tied to Atlantic City’s casino industry, all of which have suffered greatly. Just as they were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, now this.

Despite spikes in COVID-19 cases (due largely to exponentially-increased testing) the death rates are going down, averaging from 0.2% to 0.5%. Additionally, the average age for COVID cases has dropped eleven years to 43 and the spikes we’re seeing are in the 18 to 34-year old range. Hospital stays are half the length they once were, with few patients going on ventilators. Young people who contract Coronavirus survive in nearly every case, some unaware that they even have it. The best possible scenario is that many young people contract the virus in order to develop herd immunity and in order for the virus to weaken, over time. Had young people not been quarantined in March, we would have largely established herd immunity by now and would be in a new phase of this pandemic. Naturally, these young people would do well to stay away from elderly family members and those with compromised immune systems and those in the “compromised” categories would do well to remain quarantined.

With that said, life simply must go on. Vaccines eradicate disease. There is no flu vaccine. There is a flu “shot.” People still get the flu. Forty years in and there still is no AIDS vaccine. We didn’t shut down the country for AIDS nor for flu. Neither should we for COVID. Yet, here we are, thanks to totalitarian governors who are motivated by politics and hatred, hell-bent on overthrowing a president, the People be damned.

All of this is happening in an atmosphere of widespread chaos and civil unrest, all planned, all organized, all perfectly-timed to coincide with the election year. New polls show that twenty percent of democrats believe that Joe Biden is suffering from dementia and a full 40% of likely voters across-the-board believe same. Yet, the Russia hoax and Donald Trump’s impeachment, the pandemic and it’s well-orchestrated response which collapsed our economy…… as well as the rioting, burning and taking over of American cities like Seattle, with similar takeovers being planned in cities across the country, including New York…… well as the tearing down of statues, the abolishing of police forces – none of it having anything to do with George Floyd – are all part of a grand, master plan, a coup d’etat to oust President Trump and to replace him with a frail, senile old man who refuses to leave his basement and who doesn’t even know for which office he’s running. The ultimate goal is to “fundamentally transform” the country into a socialist dystopia in order to satiate a small percentage of the population who – as adults – are now exorcising all of their childhood demons, having felt like they never quite fit in. The entire country is being torn apart because of a few miscreants and misanthropes who feel their entire lives suck because they never made the football team nor got asked to the prom.

As if the soaring murder rates (up 250 percent in LA during the first week of June) and shooting rates (in NYC, up 400 percent for the month of June compared to June of 2019) weren’t disturbing enough, a story has emerged from St. Louis, where a group of black lives matter thugs had broken down an iron gate to a private community and had congregated in front of a middle aged couple’s home, threatening them, their dog and their property. Unable to get any help from the police, the couple took matters into their own hands and came outside with their legally-owned firearms to defend themselves and their property.

For all of the crowd’s accusations of racism and white privilege, it turns out that the husband is an attorney who is currently defending a black man who was a victim of police brutality. The young thugs were not aware of this because they never bothered to do their research…..just as they have failed to research the identities and the histories of those depicted in statues and monuments across the country, including abolishionists. As of this writing, the couple in question has the threat of prosecution hanging over their heads……for simply exercising their Second Amendment rights. For those demanding the abolishment of police, they might have even more to fear from average, everyday Americans who have had enough, like this older woman in New York City givin’ it to a young, white soy boy who is “down with the struggle.”

Pew research of the make up of those rioting and tearing down statues, etc, indicates that 6 out of 7 are actually whites……..and most of them are college-age females, having been taught to hate their country and any piece of history that pre-dates “The Big Bang Theory” television show. History repeats itself in 2020 as bitter, angry young women are setting out to destroy this country just as their bitter, angry, mothers and grandmothers from the 60s and 70s destroyed the American family, the institution of marriage and two generations of young boys who were forced to grow up without fathers, without male role models. The fallout is no more evident than in the black community. All of this, ALL OF IT, is driven by the left who wants government to become as our surrogate parents, teachers, providers, spouses and God. This is precisely why the draconian COVID regulations have closed our churches and kept many of us alienated from our own support systems, including our own families. The goal is to divide and conquer, and it’s working. Five minutes spent on social media will give you all the proof you need.

President Trump is caught between a rock and a hard place. He cannot send in the National Guard unless governors ask……and they will not…….at least not until it gets so bad that their constituents demand it and until governors then believe their own jobs are at stake. There has been reportage that the military may ignore the Commander in Chief’s orders, no doubt taking their lead from so many generals who’ve been backstabbing the president of late. The optics of that would be horrible as it would make the president look weak, not in command. Equally bad would be a single American being harmed at the hands of the military. The reportage would be that the president is killing his own people. We all remember the horrible accusations leveled at Mr. Trump when the Secret Service used teargas to clear away the protestors in Lafayette Square prior to the president taking his walk to St. John’s Church at the height of the protests. President Trump’s only option at this point seems to be through use of his executive order which harshly punishes those desecrating and destroying monuments and memorials on federal ground. At some point, the price of poker for these young thugs will be too high. But, much damage has already been done.

Donald Trump is under the greatest pressure of his presidency. There is non-stop reportage of bad poll numbers in important battleground states, that his campaign is “swooning” and the latest is that he’s even considering getting out of the race.

Nonsense, of course. Donald Trump is many things, a quitter not among them. In fact, such news stories only serve to further embolden him. One should do some research on poll numbers before simply accepting them, regardless of which cable news network is reporting them. Remember, even Fox fired “Diamond & Silk” while hiring Donna Brazile, a woman that even CNN deemed not worth keeping around. First of all, national polls are meaningless. Take away California and New York and Trump would be ahead. Candidates win presidential elections state by state through electoral votes, not nationally. One should also learn the difference between “registered voters” and “likely voters” and be suspect of a poll of 1000 people when 750 of them are Democrats and only 250 are Republicans.

With everything else, there is a new Russia Hoax, borne by yet another leak of classified information to the New York Times, leaked by the same people and to the same people who gave us the first Russia Hoax……and with the same goal and with the same disregard to our national security. We are told that President Trump was briefed that Russia had put a bounty on the heads of American military and did nothing. Then we are told that if he wasn’t briefed, that too is bad. As Chuck Schumer said to the president yesterday, “You lose either way.” This is not dissimilar to Nancy Pelosi’s comment, “The president is impeached forever.”

Trump Administration officials have said there was no such briefing and we are told that this alleged “bounty” intel was uncorroborated, which is why the president would not be told about it. Can anyone possibly believe – given the president’s fondness for the military and for veterans, given everything he’s done to rebuild the military – that had he been given credible intel, he would not have done everything in his power to protect his military? Really? REALLY?

Remember, this is the man who put serious sanctions on Russia, who armed Ukraine. Meanwhile, Barack Obama told Medvedev on a hot mic “After my election, I’ll have more flexibility,” to which Medvedev replied, “I understand. I will relay this message to Vladimir.” Trump gave Ukraine bombs. Obama gave them blankets. That’s a fact.

This latest Russia Hoax is another nothing burger, another effort by the Democrats to distract the American People from the fact that there does not exist enough Prevagen in this world to shock their candidate, Joe Biden, back into coherency or lucidity. Biden is now telling us that, when president, he would sign an executive order mandating mask-wearing at all times. Nancy Pelosi has glommed on, calling for a national mask mandate and saying “real men wear masks.” In other words, if you don’t wear a mask, you’re not a real man. Truth be told, most of the “real men” in the Democrat Party are women. But that’s a topic for another blog.

Honestly, were Trump and Biden to be on a split screen, Biden with his mask askew or hanging off one ear…..and Trump with none, who looks like a real man to you? The Democrats are the least-qualified to deem what is real masculinity, as is evidenced by so many gender-fluid Democrat leaders who – through their radical, activist words and policies – are dismantling this country, brick by brick. As for Nancy Pelosi, most would prefer she eschew the mask in exchange for a gag. Rather, I defer to the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, who would describe her as a “two-bagger. I wear a bag over my head in case the one over her head breaks.

While all of this was going on, a news item that seemed relegated to page three status is the newly uncovered notes by former FBI agent, Peter Strzok, notes related to him by FBI director James Comey about the now-infamous January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting on what to do about Michael Flynn that has been widely accepted by the media. The transcription of Comey’s notes on the back and forth between Obama and Biden reads as follows:

VP: ‘Logan Act,’
P: These are unusual times.
VP: I’ve been on intel committee for ten years and I never…….
P: Make sure you look over things and have the right people on it.
P: Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling the transition team?

Now, read the notes again, looking at it with the common sense additions I’ve written.

VP: Logan Act?
P: These are unusual times.
VP: I’ve been on intel committee for ten years and I never…. [heard of it or heard it used before].
P: Make sure you look over things and have the right people on it.
P: Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling the transition team?

Big difference, huh?

Their interpretation would suggest that Biden brought up the Logan Act. My slant links Obama to the attempted coup. It doesn’t matter, either way. Even if Obama had not been the person suggesting they use the Logan Act, he would still be implicated in the coup by directing others to use it as is evidenced by the last two things Obama said. This looks bad for both Obama and Joe Biden, which is why you probably haven’t heard much – if anything – about it.

You might also not be aware of yet another big disappointment from the biggest disappointment on the Supreme Court in my lifetime, Chief Justice John Roberts, who has issued several stunning rulings in recent weeks, going far left again to expand LGBTQ rights and to protect the young immigrants known as “Dreamers”. Yesterday, he struck down a Louisiana abortion law which would require physicians to have privileges at nearby hospitals, while he supported the same law in Texas just a few years ago.

Republican Louisiana Senator, John Kennedy, described Roberts and his decision this way:

“The process bothers me as much as the result. The chief justice today joined with the four liberals on the court to strike down the Louisiana statute. Four years ago in a case out of Texas, same statute, same issue, the chief justice voted with the conservatives. Today he voted with the liberals. He changed his vote. He flip-flopped. He flip-flopped like a banked catfish, and that’s why I say the process worries me as much as the result. This is why so many people think that our federal courts, our federal judges, have become nothing but politicians in robes. Now the chief justice famously says all the time that he is just an umpire, all he does is call balls and strikes. Well, four years ago he called a ball. Today, same pitch, he called a strike. And I don’t know what else to say. He just changed his vote with no explanation.”

There IS an explanation for Roberts decision and for everything else that is simultaneously taking place across the country……Donald Trump is president now and he poses an existential threat to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, everyone who is part of the Washington swamp and the Deep State, everyone who hates America, our customs, our traditions and a thousand years of societal norms. DC denizens from both sides of the aisle – who might otherwise be mortal enemies – have found in Donald Trump a common enemy. So, despite their differences, they will link arms in unity in order to overthrow the president, by any means necessary. After Trump, they come after his supporters……and that is already happening at the hands of the youth who have taken to the streets, the byproduct of your hard-earned college tuition dollars.

It is very difficult to remain optimistic right now, to keep one’s spirits up. That is by design. Everything that is being visited upon the American People is meant to isolate, to depress, to create hopelessness and despair, to leave us defeated. Such people are much easier to control. If Nancy Pelosi gets her way and all Americans are mandated to wear masks at all times…..if the Governor Murphys, Cuomos, Wolfs, Whitmers and Newsoms of this country have their way and destroy businesses and even entire industries and state economies out of hatred for Donald Trump, the America we’ve known will be gone even before the election. Some have opined that it’s best to get off social media and to turn off the news. That’s what the left wants, because that will further isolate you. Democrats LOVE “low-information voters.” Americans simply MUST unite and stick together. They MUST pay attention to what is going on and they MUST fight back. My biggest fear is that may be literally and that what took place in St. Louis will be repeated over and over again throughout the country.

I have to believe that the Donald Trump I know is working on a major plan…..and has been……to quash and to squash this civil unrest, this revolution and to wrest this country back from these evildoers. I believe he – as well as the American People – will stand for only so much both on the rioting front and the COVID front. I believe that sooner, rather than later, something is going to happen that will be the ultimate tipping point and that either the president or the American People will put a stop to it and remind elected officials exactly who works for whom.  

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