Tearing Down Statues, Toppling a Country.

Confederate flags should fly and statues of Confederate soldiers should stand. Why?

These things serve to teach future generations about our history, to show that while we’re not perfect, that – while we’ve made mistakes – we also learned from them and corrected them, proving that this is indeed a noble nation who always strives to do better, to become “a more perfect union.”

The Eighteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution established the prohibition of “intoxicating liquors” in the United States. When things didn’t go so well and we realized the error of our ways, did we simply delete the 18th Amendment, as if it never existed? No.

Instead, the 18th Amendment remained, for all the world to see and we created the 21st Amendment to repeal the 18th Amendment, which repealed Prohibition. This is just as our Founding Fathers intended. They wanted those who came after to see that when America made a mistake, we realized it and that we corrected it. What a beautiful thing our Founders gave us in designing our Constitution this way and what a valuable life lesson for a child…..or an adult.  

Spoiled-rotten, mollycoddled, protected young people who have never been less oppressed at any time in our history are now pulling down statues of people of whom they’ve never heard and whose backgrounds and histories they do not know. All the young America-haters know is that the statues are old, so they must be bad, since these destructive thugs abhor everything that came from their parents’ or grandparents’ generations, rejecting every custom, tradition and societal norm which has existed for a thousand years before they were born.

Satellite Imagery of Mass Grave Sites In North Korea

When these statues – and the stories of those they portray – are gone, future generations of Americans will never know how lucky they are to live in a country who owns up to its mistakes and takes the steps to atone for its sins. Perhaps today’s young miscreants, malcontents and misanthropes would prefer North Korea, who buries its mistakes, it’s crimes and atrocities – as well as anyone who tries to expose them.

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