From Flattening the Curve to Leveling Cities. Different Crises, Same Goal.

Like millions of Americans I’ve watched in total horror and disbelief the pictures of our country being torn apart by America-haters who are, frankly, in most cases, the most-spoiled, most-protected, most-fortunate generation of Americans who has ever lived. This is a generation who has been afforded more opportunities than their parents or grandparents ever had, a generation who doesn’t know real struggle, who has grown up getting trophies just for showing up and who has, in far too many cases, been raised by “helicopter parents” who have hovered over them since day one, protecting them from – and cheating them of – every adversity that comes along, denying them valuable life lessons which will strengthen and mature them. Yet, this generation does more bitching and complaining than their ancestors ever did……and they REALLY had something about which to bitch and complain, especially when it comes to racism.

I am not aware of a single person who isn’t shocked and outraged by what happened to George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis cop, nor who doesn’t want to see this cop fry. (As I write, Derek Chauvin has now been charged with 2nd degree murder and the other three officers involved have been charged with aiding and abetting) Yet, I can tell you – because I lived through it – had this happened in 1968, far too many Americans wouldn’t have given George Floyd a second thought.  Anyone, ANYONE who argues that nothing has changed since 1968, who argues – as Barack Obama has – that America is an “inherently-racist” country, that “racism is deeply-rooted in our DNA” or that systemic racism exists in this country, is simply lying to you. And if they claim I can easily say this due to white privilege, they’re lying about that, too. Sadly, more than one generation of Americans has been taught revisionist history – or none at all – and brainwashed by radical professors into believing these things and into believing America has not moved one step from where it was in 1968. Today’s Democrats and the media help perpetuate this lie and so many more. They need angry, aggrieved people – or, at least people who think they are – in order to win elections. Everything Democrats do is for political gain. EVERYTHING.    

Based on the reportage, or lack thereof, one would think that COVID-19 has been cured or never even existed. Since nationwide rioting began a week ago, I have not seen nor heard from Drs. Birx or Fauci, nor heard one report about spikes, spread or death tolls and I have heard nary a word about this pandemic that was going to kill us all just a week ago. If it were as bad as we’ve been led to believe, then why has the story simply vanished from the radar screen since the throwing of the first brick in Minneapolis? Because it has run its course and served its political purpose. The economy is reopening and leftists need a new manufactured crisis to keep us shut down and fearful in our homes. Nationwide insurrection will do it every time.

For me, this is conclusive proof that what I’ve been saying since March is true. While the Coronavirus does exist, the response was a political hoax with no other purpose than to destroy the economy and President Trump with it. Period. The Coronavirus has now been replaced by the Coronariots. The cure – if there is to be one – for COVID-19 will come from a shot. Sadly, the cure for the Coronariots may also come from a “shot” if Donald Trump is forced to send in the big guns.  

The president wants to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization and is getting pushback from those who insist that designation is reserved for foreign groups. However, a president’s primary responsibility is to protect the American People and he takes an oath to protect America from “all enemies, foreign and domestic”. This may wind up in the courts. But, in the meantime, President Trump has floated invoking the “Insurrection Act” as a way to end the violence.

While a president cannot send National Guard Troops into states unless governors first ask, the Insurrection Act of 1807 empowers him to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion, such as what we’re seeing now across the country.

Make no mistake. In just one week, we’ve pivoted from pandemic to plunder and pillage and progressive Democrats and the leftist media are aiding, abetting, fomenting, fanning the flames and celebrating because they believe this chaos will bring about the “fundamental transformation” of the country they’ve long sought. First change on the list: Get rid of Donald Trump and his supporters. And, just as with the Coronavirus hoax, the hypocrisy, gaslighting and lies are plentiful.

For example, leftist leaders and their sycophant media don’t seem to care in the least that rioting thugs aren’t social distancing. So, the Coronavirus hoax was NEVER really about public health or safety. I mean, why would Bill de blasio harass and threaten to arrest Hasidic Jews in New York City for not social distancing during an open air procession for a rabbi’s funeral while not arresting thugs who walk down the street and break into Macy’s Department Store to steal merchandise and to set the place on fire, all while many were on top of each other and not wearing masks? Why would de blasio threaten to drag bathers right out of the water on Memorial Day weekend but never once threatened to drag thieving thugs out of the electronics department of Macy’s?

Police have been shot and killed, hit in the head with bricks, had bottles of water, milk, urine and God knows what else thrown on them. They’ve even been run over by cars. Dozens of secret service agents have been injured, as well as many innocent bystanders, including business owners of all colors, races, religions, genders and political affiliations who have been either injured or killed.

One female shopkeeper was beaten mercilessly with a 2×4 board as her husband pleaded for the assailants to stop and people have been literally dragged out of cars and beaten, their cars destroyed. I’ve watched dozens of these videos and they are every bit as abhorrent as the George Floyd video. Every bit. All of these things and more have been done by “idealistic” young people who profess to be against racism and all for diversity, peace and love. They are no better than Derek Chauvin, Floyd’s killer, and in some ways are even worse.  Night after night, I’ve watched the wall to wall coverage and night after night, the same thoughts.

For instance, rioters continue their nationwide rampage, ignoring the repeated pleas by the Floyd family for them to stop, yet they insist that it’s all about George Floyd.

Rioters claim to be angry that an innocent black man was killed, yet their response is to destroy the life’s work, the livelihoods, the lives of other innocent people, including blacks/minorities, by destroying their businesses and cities.

Rioters defaced the Lincoln Memorial, which honors the man who freed the slaves, yet they insist that Black lives matter. They also defaced the World War II Memorial, upon which are the names of men who died to defend the very protest rights these thugs have now likewise defaced in their own warped, twisted minds.  

Young blacks and whites taking part in the riots who claim to abhor racism are destroying black businesses, black cities, black lives even as they chant “Black lives matter.”

The same young Greta Thunberg “Green New Deal” and “Climate Change” disciples who constantly lecture us about plastic straws, plastic, in general, fossil fuels, global warming and world hunger……are now littering our streets with plastic and other poisonous, hazardous, earth-damaging materials, using gasoline to burn down buildings, heating the atmosphere and polluting our streams, lakes, oceans and our drinking water supply with the runoff from all the debris in burned out cities as well as destroying supermarkets, wasting and allowing perfectly good food to rot on the shelves, food that could feed the very same people for whom they claim to be protesting.

For three months, the Democrats and the media perpetuated the narrative 24/7 that “we’re all gonna die” from COVID-19. Yet, just like that, the story went from “flattening the curve” to “leveling cities”. No matter. The end political result is the same for the Democrats. Fearful Americans, more closed businesses, an economy further damaged, another opportunity to “never let a crisis go to waste,” another crisis to blame on President Trump, another opportunity to destroy him and his supporters, another opportunity to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”.

In his speech earlier this week, the president affirmed his commitment to being America’s “law and order” president. I believe the president’s handling of these rioting thugs may very well prove to be an even larger factor in his reelection than his handling of COVID-19. I believe most Americans, regardless of color, want law and order in their communities and they want a president who is up to the task. Donald Trump has proven to be more than up to that task. Not everyone may like him, many detest him, but the images of him purposefully walking through Lafayette Park, mask-less, with his head held high, amid the graffiti and police sirens to that “very special place” called St. John’s Church are very powerful. They are the images of a leader, a man with the courage of his convictions, a man exuding confidence, the kind that comes from knowing that you are in the right and that God has your back. Contrast that with the image of a masked old man hiding in his basement, the very picture of frailty, fear and infirmity and the choice is already made for you.

To paraphrase Joe Biden, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for Biden or Trump, then “you ain’t right.”

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