“An Ounce of Hypocrisy is Worth a Pound of Ambition” Michael Korda

The hypocrisy surrounding the Tara Reade/Joe Biden case as compared to the Christine Blasey-Ford/Brett Kavanaugh case is simply breathtaking and well-documented and I’ve discussed it at length in previous blogs.

But hypocrisy also abounds in the treatment of a Dallas, Texas hair salon owner by a radical, activist judge.  Birds of a feather.

As I write, Shelley Luther sits in jail for reopening her salon in order to feed her children. She has also been fined $7,000. District Court Judge Eric V Moye imposed the sentence, accusing Luther of being selfish and endangering the lives of others. As felons are being released from prisons to – reportedly – prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the judge throws this young mother into one of those very same prisons, risking the spread of the virus to her AND eventually her children. Moye then has the audacity to call Luther “selfish” and to accuse her of endangering others. Hypocrisy much?

As Shelley Luther sits in jail for exercising her Constitutional right to open her business and feed her children, Barack Obama played golf just ONE DAY after radio public service announcements (recorded by Michelle) began airing on black radio stations ordering “our people” to STAY HOME!

As Ms. Luther eats off a metal tray, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio ignores his own stay-at-home order and takes walks in Brooklyn parks……and CNN’s Chris Cuomo – while testing positive for Coronavirus and lecturing us publicly, on-air, from his basement – is visiting the construction site of his new home and threatening residents who dare to question him.


And while Shelley Luther rots in jail for opening her hair salon, LGBTQ Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is getting haircuts. Lightfoot told a reporter: “I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye. I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I’m not able to do that myself, so I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that?” Isn’t that rich? Isn’t that queer?

I allude to Mayor Lightfoot’s lifestyle only to question how Shelley Luther would have been treated had she been a gay man who had reopened his hair salon? Suppose the black, male judge who sentenced Luther were a white man and suppose Luther were a black woman….how do you suppose that would have played out? You’re damned right. He would have been branded a racist and a sexist and been visited by the media, Al Charlatan and every other grievance industry activist, unless – of course – that white judge also happened to be a Democrat. What do you suppose would be the media’s reaction had this judge jailed a Muslim for reopening his halal food store during their holy month (May) of Ramadan? You’re exactly right.

The hypocrisy is not unique to the United States. Across the pond, British Government scientist, Neil Ferguson, whose dire death toll projections sparked lockdowns across the UK, now admits he allowed his married-with-children mistress to break stay-at-home rules to visit him for trysts even has he, himself had Coronavirus. He has now resigned his post.

And to our north, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated his government’s social-distancing guidelines by traveling from Ottawa to Harrington Lake, Quebec to spend Easter with his family.  Trudeau’s wife even posted pictures on Instagram of the family taking part in Easter festivities. There are more examples, but you get the point.

Meanwhile, in the US, the same leftists – including Speaker Nancy Pelosi – who have accused President Trump of separating children from their (illegal immigrant) mothers at our border and throwing them in cages……the same leftists who sanctimoniously lecture us about American values, who tell us “this is not who we are,” have watched an American citizen be thrown into a cage and separated from her children and have uttered not a word.

The same leftists who tell us that entering this country illegally should not be a crime and that immigrants are simply “trying to provide for their families”…….the same people, like Jeb Bush, who tell us that illegal immigrants who come to the United States to provide for their families are not committing a felony but an “act of love,” jailed an American citizen for doing just that.

For the record, Ms. Luther was not charged for breaking a law. She wasn’t even charged with violating a state “recommendation” to stay home. She was charged with violating a court order to remain shut down. Jeb Bush, the media, women’s groups, the ACLU etc are nowhere to be seen.

In another blatant example of hypocrisy, the same people who – for decades – have asserted that the government has no right to tell people what they can do with their own bodies…….the PRO-CHOICE people…….are the same people who are not allowing us to make the choice to stay home or to resume our lives, to open our businesses, to support our families.   

As New York City police beat up citizens who eschew masks and social-distancing, as radical-leftist activist governors like Maine’s Janet Mills, Michigan’s Gretchen Witmer, New York’s Andrew Cuomo, New Jersey’s Phil Murphy and others violate the US Constitution, their own oaths of office and everything that is good and decent……. as activist-thug mayors like New York’s Bill de Blasio threatens Christians and Jews (while providing 400k free halal meals to Muslims during Ramadan – at taxpayers’ expense)…….as chip-on-their-shoulder activist mayors like Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot exorcise childhood demons by throwing their weight and power around, threatening to jail anyone who so much as even discusses having a party on Facebook, felons around the country are being released from prisons “to protect them from the Coronavirus” while American citizens who are exercising their guaranteed rights, trying to feed their families and keep their businesses afloat are being fined, having their business licenses revoked and/or thrown in jail, exposing them to the virus.

Radical, activist-leftist leaders across the country are in the process of systematically destroying the greatest economy the world has ever known and with it the lives of more than 300 million Americans, simply because they hate Donald Trump. As they lecture us about what’s good for us, their words and actions are the epitome of hypocrisy. “What’s good for thee is not good for me.”

We’ll see about that……….


UPDATE:  As I wrote this blog, Texas Governor Greg Abbott rewrote his previous Coronavirus orders so that no violators will face jail time and the Texas Supreme Court ordered salon owner Shelley Luther released.

Dallas County jail spokesman Raul Reyna said before the Supreme Court decision that Governor Abbott’s order wouldn’t have an immediate impact on Ms. Luther, but the Supreme Court’s writ of habeas corpus would appear to guarantee her release.

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