Donald Trump vs Joe Biden: “A Really Big Shoe, a Really BIG Shew”

DNC Communications director Xochitl Hinojosa appeared on the Fox News Channel this morning and confidently stated that over the last month, the Trump campaign was no longer outraising the Biden campaign. That’s a fact. Here are the numbers.

The Biden campaign took in $46.7 million in March compared to the Trump campaign’s $13.6 million haul. That having been said, Biden ended March with $26.4 million in the bank, well below Trump’s $98.5 million.

Ms. Hinojosa also confidently stated that in some swing states, Biden is leading Trump in some polls. That’s also a fact. But there are more.

“Facts are stubborn things.” – John Adams

Fact: The economy has been shut down for 5 or 6 weeks. Businesses are shuttered and there is no money coming in. The government is providing funds to businesses so that they can remain solvent and pay their employees. Over the past 5 weeks, 26 million Americans have lost their jobs.

Could it be possible that businesses and individuals no longer have the expendable income to donate to political campaigns as they did prior to the shutdown? You might then ask, if that’s true, then why did Biden grow his bank account in March and raise 3 times more than Trump?

Good question.  

Fact: During the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton was dealing with still-undisclosed health issues, even collapsing at least once. Every time…..EVERY TIME…..she took a break from the campaign trail, her poll numbers went up. Every time…..EVERY TIME…..she returned to the campaign, Americans once again got to see her and hear what was coming out of her mouth – like the “deplorables” comment – reminding them of all the reasons they never liked her before…..and her poll numbers went down again.

Fact: Joe Biden has been off the campaign trail since the shutdown and has been mostly invisible, save for a few TV interviews and his in-home Coronavirus briefings during which he babbles, stutters, stammers and forgets his own name. The less Biden is seen, the more people forget about his senility, his gaffes and the more his poll numbers go up….and as they do, it attracts new donors who may not have wanted to waste their money on a loser candidate with lower poll numbers. Higher poll numbers also entice current donors to increase their donations, just as blackjack players increase their bets once the cards start coming out in their favor. Right now, Joe Biden is getting a lot of face cards.

As an aside, we might also want to question where the donations are coming from. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that America-haters like George Soros and others with perverse motives are taking advantage of this crisis and channeling funds through third parties, PACs, etc. It wouldn’t be the first time. Just sayin’.

Fact: Any gambler knows, there are only so many kings in a shoe and one shuffle can make you…..or break you.  As soon as Biden’s nurse allows him to leave his basement hospital bed to hit the campaign trail again, his daily, dementia-induced diatribes and gaffes will once again become political fodder, splashed across Americans’ TV screens 24/7 in newscasts and Trump campaign commercials. Then, Biden’s poll numbers will go down again…..and with them, his fundraising numbers, just as the same blackjack player reduces his bets or sits it out after a bad shoe produces three “14’s” in a row. Sleepy Joe doesn’t know the secret to survival, when to fold ‘em. Donald Trump does. We all know what happened to The Gambler.   

Fact: While the Coronavirus crisis has seen Joe “the Invisible Man” Biden be rendered virtually politically-impotent, President Trump has been omnipresent and doesn’t need to spend his campaign war chest on TV commercials. The American People, even those who hate him, look to him since he IS the President of the United States. He is the man seen doing the job 24/7 and that is a very powerful image, exponentially more powerful than a 30 second ad. It is also rare for a president to be a one-termer, particularly during wartime. In many ways, this crisis is not unlike a war, one which few living Americans have experienced.  

Fact: There are such things as “suppression polls,” which are designed to make you believe it’s hopeless, that your candidate has no chance of winning, so why even vote? In 2016, most, if not all of the polls had Hillary Clinton winning right up to Election Day. How’d that work out?

Fact: Hillary Clinton spent twice the amount on her campaign that Trump spent on his, so Trump proved that money doesn’t necessarily win elections, especially when you’re going up against as poor a candidate as Mrs. Clinton. In many ways, Biden is even worse. For all intents and purposes, he is senile. He is also an “old, white guy” who checks off none of the “woke” “diversity” boxes that the left demands.

Any rational, clear-thinking, serious American cannot look at Joe Biden and honestly believe he has the mental acuity, the physical energy, the gravitas, the knowledge and the skills necessary to lead our nation through this crisis. He has proven again and again that he has none of the qualities requited to be the leader of the free world, lucidity being first and foremost among them.  

After a half-century in Washington DC, 8 years as vice president, Joe Biden left us – in his own words – “woefully-inprepared” (yes, he said “inprepared”) to deal with this crisis. Yet, in a recent campaign ad, Biden promises us “When I’m president, we’ll be better prepared.” He blames his own 50-year record of unpreparedness  on President Trump, who has been in the White House 3-1/2 years and who has quickly gotten up to speed and cleaned up the mess left to him by Biden/Obama. Project much, Joe?

On April 17, Biden said, “I think we have an opportunity now to significantly change the mindset of the American people. Things they weren’t ready to do even two, three years ago.” Channeling FDR (and Rahm Emanuel) Biden suggested that we use this crisis (“never let a serious crisis go to waste”) as an opportunity for “fundamental change.” Where have we heard THAT word before? Americans don’t want their country “fundamentally-transformed.” It’s precisely why the Biden/Obama/Clinton years were rejected, why Donald Trump was elected. It’s why he will be reelected.

By every measure, by every metric, every day in every way, President Trump beats Joe Biden. To see the two of them on the same debate stage is to see who clearly has the bullets and who has the deuces. Biden may be getting a few good hands at the moment, but once the economy reopens, it’ll be time for a shuffle. Then, Donald Trump will be sitting in the anchor position with a really big shoe and a “really big shew.”  

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