Civil Liberties: COVID vs Constitution.

You might be shocked by how many Americans believe that the quasi-socialism under which we now find ourselves living is the result of laws or executive orders enacted to deal with the Coronavirus. I am not. The numbers of people who don’t know their own rights is shocking. Simply shocking.

The reason a man was arrested for jogging alone on a deserted Jersey Shore boardwalk……

The reason a man was arrested for sitting alone on the beach…….

The reason a man was dragged off in handcuffs… front of his own wife and daughter……for having a catch with them on a deserted ball field…….

The reason you are allowed to walk into a convenience store for coffee but can’t drive your car through a tulip farm while remaining in your car with the windows up……

The reason you can rub elbows with cart-pushing shoppers in a supermarket or Walmart as often as you wish, but can’t walk alone on a beach at 6am to watch the sunrise……

The reason you cannot go fishing, but can enter a news agency to buy lottery tickets……

The reason you can’t have a knee replacement, but can have your nearly full-term baby ripped out of you and killed…….

The reason you can enter a Home Depot but can’t buy paint, carpeting or seeds……

The reason you can use a canoe but cannot use a motorboat or jet skis…….

The reason average, law-abiding Americans are being arrested as they try to enjoy their Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms while felons – including child abusers – are being released from prisons……has little or nothing to do with public safety. The usurpation of our liberties is not because of some new laws or executive orders. It is the result of “Emergency Orders” put in place by fascistic, power-hungry, out-of-control governors who know about the Constitution and our Bill of Rights but choose to ignore them, because they can.

Even as he arrests his citizens and has set up systems through which they can rat on each other for social-distancing and self-quarantining violations, New York City Mayor Bill de blasio recently released 1,400 prisoners, claiming it was to protect them from the Coronavirus. Earlier this week, upon learning that some of these freed prisoners had committed new crimes, de blasio said he was shocked.

“I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done,” de Blasio told reporters. Not since Renault discovered there was gambling taking place at Blaine’s Casablanca in 1942 have I witnessed such incredulousness.

Last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson questioned New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy about the legality of allowing liquor stores to remain open while preventing people from going to church.

Carlson: “By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order? How do you have the power to do that?”

Governor Murphy responded:  The Bill of Rights “is above my pay grade. I wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights when we did this.”

Tucker was shocked by the Governor’s response. So too was Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano. The Bill of Rights is NOT above his pay grade and he had plenty to say about the actions/motives of and even punishments for totalitarian governors like Phil Murphy of New Jersey and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

“These governors tried to write law rather than enforce the law the legislature has written,” Judge Napolitano said. He added that police officers he has spoken to “hate” that they have to enforce the quarantines.

The judge went further, regarding his own governor’s actions/statements.

“In the case of Governor Murphy in New Jersey who says the ‘Bill of Rights is above his pay grade,’ that’s a felony of misconduct in office. It’s an impeachable offense for a governor to either knowingly or negligently crush the civil liberties as these governors have done. You took a solemn oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, which includes the Bill of Rights.” Regarding our founding documents and their place in our current crisis, the judge said, “There is no pandemic exception to the Constitution.”

A shocking footnote to Governor Murphy’s statements/actions is his using China made drones to surveil his subjects around the Garden State, making sure they are obeying the king’s orders.

Meanwhile, you might be shocked to learn that Mark Zuckerberg, the pasty-white pantywaist who owns Facebook is blocking anti-shutdown protest organizing sites, trying to prevent Americans from exercising their Constitutional right to “peaceably organize” even as he allows his platform to be used to promulgate all sorts of evil, filth, hatred, terrorism, pornography and subversion.

Besides their nullifying individual rights, the actions of so many governors might also be impeding interstate commerce, in violation of the Constitution’s “commerce clause.” US Attorney General William Barr is looking into that right now and has intimated that lawsuits could be coming.  Not shocking at all, if you know William Barr.

The same people who preach social distancing, self-quarantining and mask-wearing want to allow foreigners into this country during a time of a worldwide health crisis where they would be free to take jobs that SHOULD go back to the currently 22 million unemployed Americans, if and when those jobs come back. The Democrats’ hypocrisy is nothing short of shocking. So too is their attempt to once again play the racism/xenophobia card against President Trump for his 60-day immigration ban. I wonder how they’d then be able to explain his China and Europe travel bans, which their guy Joe Biden now supports. Now THAT’s shocking.

Would you be shocked to discover that since the stock market’s collapse, China has been taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis they created, buying up US biotech stocks, Greek ports and Italian companies in their quest for American and world domination. I wasn’t. I predicted it.

And if you were shocked by this week’s economic-shutdown-driven plummeting oil prices, going negative for the first time in history, you were probably also shocked by the reaction of The Green New Deal’s mastermind, trailblazing Bronx bartender-turned-Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Upon seeing the $-37 per barrel oil prices, she tweeted, “You absolutely love to see it.” She later removed the tweet, thinking no one would see it. Ask me if I was shocked by her lack of empathy for the millions of oil workers losing their jobs or her stupidity in posting, then removing the tweet. Go ahead. Ask me.  

One last shock. After testing residents of Los Angeles County for Coronavirus, a study found that – contrary to the earlier estimates of 8,000 cases – it was actually 400,000 people who had contracted the virus, but were asymptomatic. When you apply the same death statistics to 400,000 Coronavirus cases vs 8,000 cases, you find the death rate is EXPONENTIALLY lower. That means that COVID-19 is not nearly as virulent as we’ve been told. It’s simply shocking that the experts could’ve been so wrong when they’ve been so right all along.  Ahem…….

Finally, a recent story in THE ATLANTIC stated that “The outdoors, exercise, sunshine, and fresh air are all good for people’s immune systems and health, and not so great for viruses. There is a compelling link between exercise and a strong immune system. A lack of vitamin D, which our bodies synthesize when our skin is exposed to the sun, has long been associated with increased susceptibility to respiratory diseases.

“The outdoors and sunshine are such strong factors in fighting viral infections that a 2009 study of the extraordinary success of outdoor hospitals during the 1918 influenza epidemic suggested that during the next pandemic (I guess this one!) we should ‘encourage the public to spend as much time outdoors as possible,’ as a public-health measure.” Think the governors would stop having people dragged off beaches and dragged out of parks if they were to read this? I’d be shocked.

I wouldn’t be shocked, however, if you were to tell me that your mom used to say the same thing 50 years ago because my mom said the same thing. Mom was right. I’m not the least bit shocked.  

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