Coming Together During a Crisis: Wouldn’t it Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if news anchors, pundits and contributors stopped beating the panic drum, talking about the “astonishing spread of Coronavirus” – as Fox News Chris Wallace did yesterday – without mentioning that the rapidly-increasing numbers of cases is due to the rapid increase of the numbers of people being tested, now that the tests are more-readily available?

Wouldn’t it be nice if New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped deflecting blame for the explosion of the Coronavirus in his city, (42 percent of all cases in the US) especially given that – just a few weeks ago – both he and his health commissioner, Oxiris Barbot, were telling New Yorkers to attend parades and to live their lives as usual? Wouldn’t it be nice if de Blasio were to set aside his totalitarian, communist, fascist tendencies and not threaten to shut down churches and synagogues by telling them “you’ve been warned” particularly in light of the fact that it was his own failures that led to NYC becoming the epicenter of the Coronavirus crisis? Wouldn’t it be nice if de Blasio stopped blaming President Trump and others for his own failed leadership?

Wouldn’t it be nice if people stopped praising New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for doing such a great job? As of this writing, he has an 80 percent approval rating for his handling of the Coronavirus crisis. The ONLY reason he’s been able to handle this crisis with such adroitness is because of the help he’s gotten from Donald Trump. Wouldn’t it be nice if Trump got some credit, ANY credit?  

Wouldn’t it be nice if Cuomo weren’t just forced to admit that, due to the Crisis, New York State is bankrupt, meaning that under his leadership, his state went bankrupt in just a month’s time? Wouldn’t it be nice right now if Cuomo hadn’t wasted $750 million of taxpayer dollars on a Green New Deal pet project, a failed solar-panel factory…… or a light bulb factory? (Just two of many examples) Wouldn’t it be nice if Andrew Cuomo hadn’t spent the past three weeks bitching and moaning about not having enough ventilators, only to find out that when he had the chance in 2015 to purchase 15 thousand ventilators for $36k, he turned it down? Wouldn’t it be nice to have not just discovered that the ventilators which were sent to him recently by FEMA were sitting in a warehouse in NY just waiting to be distributed? Wouldn’t it be nice if he weren’t stockpiling ventilators when they are needed elsewhere?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we no longer had to listen to his annoying voice droning on and on and on during his daily briefings as he auditions for the 2024 Democrat nomination?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our leaders actually earned their salaries and worked for the American People rather than constantly trashing the President at a time when they tell us “we’re all in this together”? Wouldn’t it be nice if Speaker Nancy Pelosi hadn’t gone on national television and said that President Trump had underplayed the crisis at the beginning and that people died as a result? Wouldn’t it be nice if Pelosi had instead leveled that same accusation against the true offenders, the Chinese?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Nancy Pelosi hadn’t so cavalierly said, “As the president fiddles, people are dying”? Wouldn’t it be nice if she had the same caring, compassion and concern for the thousands of Americans living and dying amid garbage, rats and typhoid……in cardboard boxes and tents on sidewalks where they defecate, urinate and shoot up drugs, just a few miles from her home in San Francisco, in her Congressional District?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Pelosi hadn’t impeached President Trump for withholding aid to Ukraine, only to then, herself, withhold aid to the American People by holding up the Coronavirus Relief Bill for weeks just so that she could inflict maximum pain on Americans, blame Trump for that pain and use it to run against him in November, then insert her own pet projects – having NOTHING to do with Coronavirus – into the Bill like funding for Planned Parenthood, the Green New Deal and the Kennedy Center?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many Americans died from stress, suicides or overdoses as they watched everything they’ve worked for slip away during the weeks that Nancy Pelosi held up the Coronavirus Relief Bill and wouldn’t it be nice if President Trump used that information to run against Pelosi and the Democrats in November?

Wouldn’t it be nice if – during her weekly press conference last week – Nancy Pelosi hadn’t said a prayer, then later announced she may impeach the president again over his handling of the crisis once it is over, continuing her vendetta?

Wouldn’t it be nice if angry, bitter, evil, twice-failed, sore loser, jealous septuagenarian presidential candidates and criminals like Hillary Clinton didn’t continue to suffer from sour grapes and tweet things like:

“He did promise ‘America First’ ” above a news story saying that the United States leads the world in Coronavirus cases? Wouldn’t it be nice if she didn’t make light of the suffering and deaths of Americans? Wouldn’t it be nice if she demonstrated an ounce of sympathy and empathy and actually cared about people?

Wouldn’t it be nice if – while already under criticism for the above tweet – she hadn’t sent out another which read:

“Before sending anyone back to their jobs… you should try doing yours”?

Wouldn’t it be nice if similarly-plagued and flawed, soon-to-be thrice-failed presidential candidate, Joe Biden, didn’t feel the urge to make himself relevant and try to steal the spotlight away from President Trump and the Coronavirus crisis by deciding to do a series of regular “Coronavirus Briefings” during which he does nothing more than humiliate himself by criticizing the President, losing his place, forgetting where he is and to whom he’s talking and even the fact that he’s on camera and not just having a phone call interview? Wouldn’t it be nice if he actually accepted some responsibility for – as he said – the country being “woefully-unprepared” since he’s been one of the most powerful men in Washington DC for nearly 50 years, yet did nothing to prepare us for a worldwide pandemic?

Wouldn’t it be nice if news reporters treated the President of the United States with even a modicum of respect? Wouldn’t it be nice if prepubescent reporterettes didn’t accuse Donald Trump of sending more help to states like Florida, intimating that it’s because he needs them to win re-election, despite the fact that most of the help Trump has given has gone to states like New York and California which he has ZERO chance of winning? (Even as I write, United States Naval Ships Mercy and Comfort have arrived in Los Angeles and Manhattan, respectively, each providing much-needed assistance to New York and California).

Wouldn’t it be nice if nearly every question wasn’t a “gotcha” question, an accusation, an editorial disguised as a question, or the proverbial “when did you stop beating your wife” styled question? Wouldn’t it be nice if – as we saw yesterday during the daily Coronavirus presser – the first two questions weren’t from black reporters – feeling safe as part of our “protected class” – who hurled red meat, fake news mischaracterizations or partial quotes back at the President, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to defend his earlier statements? Wasn’t it REALLY nice watching Mr. Trump give each of those reporters a well-deserved beat down? The two black reporters could hardly play the race card given that President Trump beats down all of those who treat him similarly, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. These reporters should laud the President for treating them equally, something they demand.

Wouldn’t it be nice if – after getting $25 million in American taxpayer money handed to them via the Coronavirus Bill – the Kennedy Center wouldn’t have laid off all of their musicians and told them they wouldn’t be getting paychecks until after the crisis is over?

Wouldn’t it be nice if President Trump didn’t have to invoke the Defense Production Act in order to force General Motors to produce ventilators, especially since the American People gave them $50 billion in bailout money as recently as 2009 during the Obama Administration, $11.2 billion of which we will never get back?  

Wouldn’t it be nice if Dr. Anthony Fauci didn’t frequently say one thing during President Trump’s daily Coronavirus Updates, then show up later on CNN only to criticize and contradict Mr. Trump when he is not there to defend himself?

Wouldn’t it be nice if those who are constantly demanding that President Trump listen to his advisors, the experts, medical professionals and scientists, actually give him credit for doing so, such as was the case once again this weekend? Wouldn’t it be nice if after Dr. Anthony Fauci said yesterday that the President decided not to impose a strict quarantine on parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut after officials had “very intensive discussions” with him at the White House the night before, that Trump would have been praised for that decision? Wouldn’t it be nice if the President had been lauded for not implementing something that – in Fauci’s words – would create “a bigger difficulty”?

Wouldn’t it be nice if those who were excoriating President Trump for suggesting that we could be back in business by Easter, saying that it was irresponsible and dangerous and that he should be listening to the experts……..wouldn’t it be nice if those same people were now thanking, supporting and praising the president now that he has decided to extend the “social-distancing” guidelines through April 30th?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the people who are saying “we need to unite” weren’t the same people who are constantly vilifying and demonizing President Trump for every action he takes and for every word that comes out of his mouth, even when he’s merely trying to be positive and aspirational in order to offer Americans hope as opposed to the constant drumbeat of negativity, doom and gloom that is coming from the Democrats and the media?

Wouldn’t it be nice if those miserable, hateful, sanctimonious, hypocritical, totally-lacking in self-awareness sons-of-bitches just went away permanently? Oh, wouldn’t it be nice?

It’s pure imagination.

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