The Democrat Playbook: Inflict Maximum Pain. Make it last. Blame Trump. Promise to make it all go away.

Those who follow politics and the news will remember the government shutdowns of the Obama Administration. You’ll also recall that during the 2013 shutdown Barack Obama – as he was often wont to do – took the advice of his first Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that….it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

In order to maximize the pain felt by Americans so that he could then blame it on the Republicans, Obama politically-weaponized our publicly-owned lands and war memorials –  including the WWII Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery – closing them in order to deny veterans access to the very monuments built in their honor as well as the resting places of their fallen brothers.

The Democrats – Barack Obama in particular – make EVERYTHING political. Obama actually had park officials work overtime to install barricades and stand guard to deny access 24/7. He did this despite being fully aware that groups of elderly WWII veterans were planning once in a lifetime visits to the memorial erected in their honor. Men who spent their youth saving the world were now reduced to political pawns in order to push Barack Obama’s and the Democrats’ narrative.

We all remember the images of elderly veterans in wheelchairs sitting just beyond the barricades. The pictures were eerily reminiscent of the now-famous lone protestor known as “tank man” who stood in defiance of the Chinese government at the June 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. These men who once climbed the cliffs of Normandy Beach and who defeated Tojo and Hitler made easy work of Barack Obama and tore down his barricades.

It’s now 2020 and Americans are facing perhaps the biggest enemy they’ve encountered since World War II in the form of the Chinese Coronavirus. Once again, the Democrats have turned to the advice of Rahm Emanuel: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that….it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

The Democrats raison d’etre is to create problems and crises, politicize them, weaponize them, maximize the pain, then blame the Republicans so that they can then run on fixing the very problems and crises they themselves created. The Democrats’ playbook is thin, to say the least. They have only several plays and they use them over and over and over again. We’re seeing the same old same old vis a vis the Chinese Coronavirus that we have seen from the Democrats since time immemorial.

From the day this crisis began, the Democrats and the media have conspired to go negative, to go low, to attack the President 24/7 no matter what he says or does, to foment fear, hatred, dissent, division and panic across the nation and the world in order to drive down financial markets, to destroy 401ks, to destroy businesses, to destroy jobs, to destroy what was the most-robust economy in world history just three weeks ago, to destroy lives.

In other words, to INFLICT MAXIMUM PAIN.

As if Americans weren’t already suffering enough at the hands of the Democrats and the media, the Democrats are now blocking a vote on a stimulus package that would prop up the American economy and help Americans to weather the tsunami.

In other words, they are once again trying to INFLICT AND EXTEND MAXIMUM PAIN and they are – once again – blaming Donald Trump and the Republicans for the delay, amid predictions of a 30% unemployment rate and a depression, if not a serious recession.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Dependency. The more 401ks they can destroy, the more businesses they can destroy, the more jobs they can destroy, the more lives they can destroy, the deeper and more-protracted a recession they can create, the better………because all of these things create more government-dependency and more people who will vote Democrat in order to get the “free stuff” the Party of Dependency promises.

You’ll recall that Obama’s wasted “shovel-ready” stimulus package and other economic policies led to the weakest, slowest recovery since the Great Depression. That was by design, meant to create more dependency. What we saw was record-high unemployment, record-high welfare and food stamps, record-low home ownership and a record-low labor-participation rate, among other moribund economic indicators.  

The late Charles Krauthammer said, “The Democrats create subsidy to create dependency to create constituency.” We are seeing this process play out before our very eyes, just in time for the most-crucial election in our lifetimes, if not in the history of the nation.

The Democrats are hopeful that they can attach the current crisis – which they created – to Donald Trump and convince Americans that HE is to blame for their pain. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are leading the charge, despite the fact that Donald Trump has been in office less than four years while they’ve been in Washington DC for decades…….yet, have done NOTHING to prepare this country for a worldwide pandemic.

As I write this blog, Joe Biden is about to begin a series of regular Chinese Coronavirus Briefings aimed merely at garnering him free TV time, free advertising and political relevance at a time when this crisis has further elevated the omnipresence of Donald Trump while reducing Biden and Bernie Sanders to less than a blip on the political radar screen.  

In his briefings, Biden will tell us that everything President Trump is doing is wrong while regaling us with tales of everything that he would do as president that would be right. The same Joe Biden who recently told us that Donald Trump left this country “woefully-unprepared” is the very same Joe Biden who sat at the highest-echelons of power in this country for nearly a half century………and who for 8 years was literally a single heartbeat away from the presidency. Yet, in HIS words, we are “woefully unprepared.” What the hell has he been doing for 50 years? Likewise, Bernie Sanders, who has been a US Senator in Washington DC for thirty years as well as so many septuagenarian and octogenarian Congress members who should be calling Visiting Angels rather than calling the shots in this country.

Why does the greatest, most-advanced nation in the history of the world not have a stockpile of masks, gloves, ventilators and other medical equipment necessary in the face of a worldwide pandemic? Why do decades-long Democrat denizens of the DC swamp blame President Trump – who has been in town for less than four years – for their failures? Why? Because they can. Because the Democrat Party’s propaganda arm, the mainstream media, has got their back.

Malcom X once said: “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats are masters at the art of projection. If you want to know what the Democrats are up to, listen to those things of which they accuse Donald Trump and the Republicans. It is precisely those things of which they are guilty themselves.

Lavrentiy Beria, Chief of Josef Stalin’s “Secret Police” famously said: “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” We’ve seen this play out every day, in every way, since Donald Trump stepped off that escalator at Trump Tower to announce for president…….from Russian collusion to quid pro quo, bribery, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, lack of candor, etc, etc, etc, all of the things of which Biden, Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, et al were guilty themselves.

Pair the Democrats’ mastery of projection with Malcom X’s complicit media and their joint collaboration to take up the mantle of Lavrentiy Beria…….and you have the perfect storm. The same people who are admonishing the rest of us to work together, to unite, to remove politics from this crisis are the very same people who never pass on an opportunity to accuse, demagogue, lambaste President Trump no matter what he says nor does.

They will not stop because they can’t stop now. They’ve come too far. They have now – finally – seized upon the one thing they believe will take down Donald Trump in November, the economy. This is NOT an economic crisis. This is a medical crisis. The Democrats and their propagandists in the mainstream media are doing precisely what Barack Obama did with the government shutdown. They are politicizing it and weaponizing it for their own political ends. They don’t care how many Americans suffer, nor how deeply, nor how long they suffer. In fact, as I’ve demonstrated here, the more suffering they can create, the longer they can make it last, the better position in which the Democrats believe they will find themselves, come November. They need this pain to last until the election. It’s the only chance they’ve got and they know it. They will do their damnedest to keep it going. Hence the delay on the stimulus bill.

In order for the Democrats to survive as a Party, they need as many suffering people as possible who will then have nowhere else to turn but to the government. Donald Trump was a threat to their very existence as a Party because his policies created millions of thriving, self-sustaining Americans who had no need to turn to the government for help.  As such, the Democrats found themselves without a significant-enough dependent constituency to win them the White House in November.

Just three weeks ago, Americans – those who wanted to make some effort – were enjoying the most-robust economy the world has ever known. Meanwhile, having tried everything else to bring down a duly-elected president and satiate their lust for power, the Democrats found themselves without a crisis of a large-enough scale to bring about the level of fear, hopelessness and desperation needed to change the equation and to get the job done. So, with the help of the Chinese and the mainstream media, they created one.  

This is not a new idea. It comes directly from the Democrat Bible, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” In 2017, Barack Obama, our former Community-Organizer in Chief, handed over his well-worn copy to the Democrats.

Alinsky asserted: “In the beginning the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems.”

The Democrats have neither the ideas, the skills nor the power to fix issues nor problems, only to create them. To fix problems and issues takes a real leader, a real problem-solver, Donald Trump. This is his bailiwick. That makes him the biggest threat the Democrat Party and the DC Swamp Denizens have ever encountered. Truth be told, that makes the 63 million Americans who voted Trump an even bigger threat to the Democrat Party. After all, Donald Trump will be gone in five years, but we’ll still be here. We’re the ones who put him in Office. Trump is merely standing in the way. Once they deal with him, the Democrats will come after us. Of this, I have no doubt.

I have faith that most Americans are keenly aware of what is happening here, aware of exactly who is causing their pain…….and why. I have faith that the hand of God is guiding our president and that it was by the hand of God that he was placed here at this time in our history.

If you are one of those people who keeps admonishing us to unite, to support one another, to end the politics, then heed your own advice, stop trashing the President and let him do his job…….and tell Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and the TV news networks you watch to do likewise.

4 thoughts on “The Democrat Playbook: Inflict Maximum Pain. Make it last. Blame Trump. Promise to make it all go away.

  1. I said right from the start….this didn’t “JUST HAPPEN” . I don’t normally go for conspiracy theory BS, but this issue has made me a believer.

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  2. Well written, but I have to disagree with one point: The “Playbook(s)” are not “thin”. They are rather large and numerous volumes, not counting the F. Manuals used by Political Campaign Committees, Careys, PACs/Supers, 501(c)3/(c)4s, Orgs (Stand-Alones) and myriad “unofficial” OTG Grassroots Outreach Groups. Whilst not all share the discipline and rigorous training applied by the Party and DTrip/DSCC etc. they are numerous and slowly consolidating. And they’ve existed since the 2008 Pivot, growing in size each Cycle and updated constantly.

    One of the biggest advantages, updates in Real-Time and has a unique tool which we cannot compete. The introduction of “Soros” into the common post-2016/18 lexicon and the inclusion of Social Media Platforms, especially Facebook, helping create said advantage, date 12ya. Akin to Twitter and “ShadowBan”, it’s currently in Phase IV but started ~3ya and continues expanding. Please note: These aren’t opinions. As #4thEstate, they’re all Sourced and Verifiable.

    The Intra-Party Schism offered an advantage, still does within State and Muni contests, but the “Big Three” alone are ~7yrs ahead of the GOP re: Data, Databases, Metrics, Volunteer Recruitment, Training, Retention & GR Outreach Programmes to name a few. The ratio of Orgs is big, but the OTG ratio between GOP & DTrip (solo) is huge. Add the others, it’s kinda depressing. And this isn’t a complete list!

    Whilst the momentum from 2016 was impressive, the following Odd/Off-Year followed the established negative Patterns; the 2018 Midterm was a Wash-Out before the Season Officially Started and 2019 was worse than expected.
    I’m not saying this to be an arse, to contradict your points (which are correct. I mean, litterally!) and I’m certainly not trying to lend any additional legitimisation to the aforementioned Committees, Orgs and Party. This includes the DSA and their Alliances, esp. from 2017 to Present.
    The comment about the GOP trailing an average of 7yrs behind is, quite sadly, a fact. Everything is a Pattern. Since Modern Political Field Campaign Science changed after the 2008 Pivot, the Rules and Game changed. I’m not speaking to the Red Herrings (nor am I implying you used them; this is more a premeditated Secondary Retaliatory Strike in case the EmoSIVs start to get a wee too Hubristic when replying. I know people don’t like hearing most of this. Well, I don’t fancy saying it and stopped offering the detailed information several years ago. I tried!) That said, if reading, please take an objective POV! Please!)
    Actually, the above represent one of the main issues causing our lackluster capabilities and those who continue harbouring them as excuses, I’m sorry {I’m only being polite. I’m not sorry. Never apologise for Speech!} but I could show you mathematically or verbally, via Field Plans and Formations, Formulae and Equations, Metrics, Datasets and Goals why all Three Main Red Herringd are BONK!

    This behaviour is hurting us, severely! It doesn’t manifest as anything positive and whilst so many hang fast to these and remain Static, the other Side are Dynamic AF and planning which Big 15 – 3 Plans to activate, as well as which Plans to deploy In-District & in-County.
    Weaponising #ChinaFlu wasn’t a named Default Scenario, of course, but this Scenario has a Precedence as an entry: A WCS and a Field Plan. From use as a Platform Pandering tool to applications used within Media, this was enacted several weeks ago as a heightened WCS before Officially Assigned.

    There’s a saying, actually, it’s a Mantra, in EVERY Field Campaign & used by every Team (Properly trained in 1 of the 2 ways):
    Nothing In Field Is Random!
    This is almost sacred and for a damn good reason.
    The GOP cannot and will not accept this, or they acquiesce and allow the patterns to continue without dispute. This is a type of Bleed-Through Effect, but it’s more common amongst the GOP Supporters and Base vs. Dems/DSA. A perfect example is Twitter and covers nearly every example I can cite, showing the how’s, why’s, when’s, what’s and most importantly whom.
    It is possible to gain Parity. Quite easy in a general application setting, but only if executed properly and done so 100%, sans Blagging and substituting Emotional “Rewards” in place of Tangible Numbers & Shared Focus.

    It was not my goal to take so much time and I apologise, but please know everything written comes with only the best of intentions and offered as a means of trying to communicate the various issues we face now and will face during the Final Stretch, plus the next “10&12” years. I’m kind of sick of watching this repeat every Cycle and in too many cases, it worsens! We can’t continue this route. At least, we can’t if we fancy securing our Six across ALL Fronts and saving our Homeland!

    Cheers for posting the information! Just Followed and looking forward to future articles. The #ChinaFlu on it’s own? That’s another thing all together & I’ve taken more than my Gentlemanly share of time.

    All the best!


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  3. Thank you to whomever took the time to read my reply and massive Cheers for the Like! It’s the “small things” like this that reminds me of what my #4thEstate Duties remain and help persuade me to reverse my current “No more altruism re posting OppoResearch. If interested, please follow my WP site, yes it’s incomplete, but if one or two ppl are truly interested and want to do something, I’m more than willing sharing Data & Info (Directly, at least for now!) Cheers, TLAM-N

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