The Markets: From Spooked to Spocked, a V-Shaped Recovery.

Under President Trump, the markets have seen historic gains. Now, over the past week, they have seen some of their worst losses in history, having been spooked by the Coronavirus scare and a Saudi-Russian oil war which has seen a spike in production and the resulting precipitous collapse in prices.

It is not lost on this writer – and millions of other Americans – that the timing of the Coronavirus spread as well as it’s country of origin are curious, to say the least. So, too, is the timing and the origination of the Saudi-Russia oil war. It is not an overstatement to say that the Chinese, the Russians and the Saudis are not our friends and that they would rather see anyone other than Donald Trump living in the White House……and that they would do anything to make that happen.

The abysmal human rights record of the Chinese is well documented. I listened to one talk radio caller opine that the Chinese “one child per family” policy has resulted in fewer young people to care for their elderly. The caller suggests that it is no coincidence that the Coronavirus, which originated in China, affects the elderly more than any other demographic and that a rapidly-disappearing elderly population would certainly get the Chinese government out of a predicament.

Is it a coincidence that 95% of our antibiotics, active ingredients and medical supplies are manufactured in China, even as the Coronavirus now spreads in the US? Now that President Trump has made the United States energy-independent and no longer reliant on oil from Middle East countries who hate us, is it a coincidence that during his reelection campaign, Saudi Arabia (home of 15 of the 9/11 hijackers) would engage in an oil war with Russia/Putin, each country increasing it’s production, flooding the markets with untold millions of additional barrels of oil, driving down the prices and affecting world markets?

What two items affect world economies more than a worldwide health scare and energy prices?

The least-surprising element in all of this was the reaction by the Democrats and the media, so quick were they to question President Trump’s concern, his response and his leadership ability. They also assumed their default position of “Never let a crisis go to waste” and immediately floated Chicken Little doomsday scenarios about the spread of the Coronavirus and are now telling us that America is – in fact – in a recession. Their scare tactics are increasingly resulting in Americans being afraid to leave their homes or send their children to school.

As businesses suffer revenue losses, their employees earn less money and may even be laid off. Then, they too are unable to afford going out to a restaurant, a movie, a bowling alley, for example…….then, those businesses suffer too and the cycle repeats itself, over and over again. It’s the proverbial Domino Principle.

Our last REAL recession began to turn around on March 9th, 2009, when – despite Obama’s choking economic policies – the stock market bottomed out and began to slowly rebound. That is because the American economy is a dynamic economy. Americans want to succeed and will push through to survive and thrive even in the face of seemingly-insurmountable odds.  

Barack Obama, having presided over 8 years of America’s “managed decline,” wasted nearly a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready jobs” which he later quipped “weren’t as shovel-ready as we had hoped.” His policies resulted in the worst economic recovery since The Great Depression, more new debt than was incurred by all previous presidents combined and millions more government-dependent Americans, the very lifeblood of the Democrat Party…..which ceases to exist unless Americans are forced to vote for the “free stuff” the Democrats put them in need of in the first place.

Just two weeks ago, Barack Obama spoke out publicly, taking credit for the Trump economy that Obama himself said was impossible. He even once mocked Trump by posing the question, “Does he have a magic wand?” Now that the markets have dropped into bear market territory, Obama is nowhere to be seen nor heard. The old adage is true: Success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan.

As I write this, President Trump is considering a temporary payroll tax reduction and even a total payroll tax holiday in order to deal with the Coronavirus scare and it’s impact on our economy. Meanwhile, even the Democrats – with a lust for power, with hate in their hearts for Donald Trump and with utter malice toward the entire country – have gone where no man has gone before. They are not calm. They are not logical. They have ignored all sense of reason. Their four-year mission has been to destroy Donald Trump, to seek out new ways to prevent his reelection, even if the end result is the collapse of the most-robust economy in America’s history and the suffering of millions.   

With their mission nearly-complete, the Democrats will seek out new lifes and new civilizations (just as they have with illegals) of newly-unemployed, dependent Americans who will then be reliant on the “free stuff” they promise in exchange for their votes. Barack Obama so loved the poor that he created more of them. The Democrats are attempting to do it again. Only this time, they have the help of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and – of course – the media. All of them are interfering in our election.

In this trek, President Trump is Mr. Spock, the calm, logical voice of reason. This is not his first rodeo. This is not the first time a manufactured crisis has posed an existential threat to his Administration. He will weather this storm as he has done all of the others and will live to fight another day.

A prominent financial analyst in my area is predicting a V-shaped recovery and I agree. The market’s sudden drop was event-driven. Soon, as Spring and the warmer weather arrive, the Coronavirus will go away and the word will never again be spoken on television, save for in a year-end documentary. When the issues that caused the collapse are soon resolved, the markets will whipsaw back, I believe before the November elections.

Our economy is strong. Americans are resilient. President Trump is undeterred and indefatigable. The V-Shaped Recovery is coming. President Trump will be reelected and America will continue to live long and prosper.

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