Joe Biden Rising From the Ashes: C’mon Man, to Dust You Shall Return.

In just three days……with no money, with no TV commercials, with no organization on the ground, Joe Biden has become the proverbial phoenix rising from the political ash heap. Unfortunately, this isn’t a movie.

How did this happen and how did it happen so quickly? Did Biden get some of the Buttigieg/Klobuchar/Steyer vote? Did Bernie Sanders recent praise of Cuba see him politically Castro-ated? Did something untoward take place with the delegate process itself at the hands of the DNC? I suppose we’ll never know, certainly if it’s the latter. The media will see to that, just as they did in 2016 vis a vis Clinton vs Sanders.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. But, it is evident to anyone with eyes and ears that Joe Biden’s mental fitness is evaporating before us. He cannot get through a single sentence without losing his place or slurring. He forgets where he is, to whom he is speaking and – as we saw last night – mixes up his wife and his sister. In one of his most awkward and cringe-worthy gaffes, he couldn’t even remember the most-famous line from the Declaration of Independence and as he struggled to get it out, he finally gave up and said, “You know the thing.”

In the latter days of his Administration, Ronald Reagan’s mental fitness was frequently called into question by the same people who are now silent about Joe Biden’s obvious rapid decline. While age may have caught up to Reagan, I maintain that he had more of his faculties on his last day in office than a President Biden would have on his first day.

Joe Biden has never been known to be the most articulate, erudite DC denizen. His gaffes are the stuff of legend, numerous in number and now, increasing in frequency and severity. Biden also has a history of – by the Left’s own definition – “racist” comments and the decades of documented corruption that has seen his family become very wealthy even as he served at the highest echelons of our government would have brought down any Republican long ago.

Not unlike the candidacy and the presidency of Barack Obama, the Biden candidacy is a modern-day telling of the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The media ignored Obama’s sordid past and his more-than-questionable ties and connections. His life before entering politics was a total mystery except to those who largely did their own research. Obama was treated as a celebrity, a god and the media and Hollywood fawned all over him. The recently-retired Chris Matthews spoke of “this thrill going up my leg” when Obama spoke.

In Joe Biden’s case, we know his past. He’s been part of the Washington Swamp for five decades and we have reels of film and videotape to document every gaffe, flub, stammer, slur, lie, misstatement, racially-tinged comment and promise of quid pro quo which – again – would have brought down any Republican long ago. The anti-Biden TV commercials will make themselves. We know how he’s voted, how he’s been wrong on every major issue during his 50 years in Washington. Yet, the media choose to ignore it, pretend none of it ever happened and that we’re just imagining things. If the Biden candidacy is the modern-day story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” it is also a remake of the film “Gaslight.”

While the media and the Democrats may be able to cover up and ignore Joe Biden’s past, they will not be able to cover up nor ignore his present. His political resurrection last night was the worst thing that could have happened to him because his newly-invigorated campaign will now mean his omnipresence. The more Biden is seen and heard, the more opportunities for the American People to witness his obvious mental and physical deterioration in real time. At some point, even his most-ardent supporters will not be able to deny it. At some point, they will no longer be able to dismiss it as “that’s just Joe being Joe.”

It’s worth noting that in 2016, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers rose every time she left the campaign trail for a few days. The converse was also true. The more she spoke, the lower her poll numbers fell. Likewise, Joe Biden’s increased visibility will serve as a detriment.

The Democrats don’t care. They don’t care about people. People are expendable. They care only about power, about “the message.” They will always sacrifice the messenger for the sake of the message. So long as Joe Biden has a pulse and can fog a mirror, they will attempt to drag this cadaveresque shell-of-a-man across the finish line and watch him get pulverized on the debate stage by President Trump. Were Biden to take the White House, the Democrats – who are infamous for eating their own -would begin floating the 25th Amendment to gauge the public’s reaction. By deeming Biden unfit to serve, his vice president would then step in. The DNC is – no doubt – hard at work making sure that Biden chooses the “right” running mate. They will – no doubt – choose his running mate for him. Names being mentioned include failed presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and even Michelle Obama. God help us.

In this writer’s opinion, all of this is moot. IF Joe Biden gets the nomination, he will step on the debate stage and get vaporized by President Trump. It will be like watching a dragonfly caught in a bug zapper. To be sure, the Democrats will not bring in the referee to end the fight. Once again, they will sacrifice the messenger for the sake of the message.

This is the one risk for President Trump. He must be very careful to not punch too hard, for, if he does, he will be portrayed by the media as a bully picking on a respected elder statesman, like Rocky Balboa beating up on an old fighter who is past his prime.

All President Trump needs to do is let Biden speak. He will hit the mat on his own.

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