Slavery, Clyburn, Confusion and Cognitive Dissonance

House Majority Whip, Democrat James Clyburn, takes issue with President Trump’s claim (backed up by statistics) that we now have the lowest African-American unemployment rate in America’s history.

He went on national television and told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto:

“C’mon……no, it’s not true. I’m saying that the African-American unemployment is not the lowest it’s ever been unless you count slavery. We were fully-employed during slavery. So, it all depends on how you measure this up.”

In other words, a Democrat, a black man from the Party of Reparations, the Party who claims to champion African-Americans, attempted to make the case that Blacks were better off as slaves than they are under President Trump.

A psychotherapist could put a family of eight children through an Ivy League university and 15 years of medical school off the money he or she could make from James Clyburn alone.

Let’s talk about slavery.

African-Americans have been enslaved by the Democrat Party throughout my entire lifetime. Democrats have made hollow promise after hollow promise and the African-American community still faces the same problems it did 60 years ago. This is by design. As the late Charles Krauthammer said, “The Democrats create subsidy to create dependency to create constituency.” As long as African-Americans remain dependent on government subsidies to survive, they will continue to vote for the Party who doles out the subsidies and therefore, so too does the Democrat Party survive. The Democrats are all too happy to promise “free stuff” in exchange for the African-American vote which they’ve taken for granted for decades.

Enter President Trump. In three short years, Trump has made good on the 60 years of empty Democrat promises. He signed into law The First Step Act which righted some injustices for thousands of federal inmates and took an important step forward in criminal justice reform, an issue of much table-pounding, vitriol and demagoguery for decades. Trump’s policies have seen a 10% rise in wages for the lowest income earners among us, a higher percentage rise than with any other income level. We now have the lowest African-American unemployment rate in history, including the lowest unemployment rate in history for African-American youth.

African-American support for Trump is on the ascent. Some statistics show it as high as 34 percent. If Trump gets even half of that, the Democrat Party ceases to exist, at least in it’s current form. African-Americans who – because of Trump’s policies – are raising themselves up may not be so anxious to vote Democrat in 2020 since they can now do for themselves and no longer have to be dependent on – and enslaved by – the Democrats, their empty promises and their subsidies which allow them not to thrive, but to merely survive.

The Democrats are keenly aware of what’s going on, but they arrived at this epiphany far too late. That is why the same Democrats who were in favor of a border wall and – to quote Hillary Clinton – were “adamantly against illegal immigrants” just a few years ago – now want to open our borders up to tens of millions of illegals, promising the same freebies they promised the African-American community for the past six decades. It is also one of the reasons that they were in such a hurry to impeach and remove President Trump from office, rather than to leave the decision up to the American People in November. They know which way this election is going to go. They also know that, either way, Donald Trump will be gone in five years while his supporters will remain. That makes us a bigger threat to the Democrat Party than Donald Trump could ever be. That is why the Democrats must destroy us, as well. Their attempts to do so are more and more overt every day.

The Democrats are losing the African-American vote, so they need to replace their lost constituency with a new, permanently-dependent underclass of poor, English-illiterate, low or no-skilled workers who are unable to compete in the marketplace or properly care for themselves and their quickly-growing families. The Democrats have a very thin playbook, only a few weapons in their arsenal. So, they will promise to illegals precisely what they promised African-Americans, hoping to achieve the same result. That is, “Create subsidy to create dependency to create constituency.”

In just three short years, Donald Trump has made great strides in dispelling the conventional liberal wisdom that the Republicans are racists while forcing the true racists, the Democrats, out of the dark and into the greatest disinfectant of sunlight. The surfacing and resurfacing of Michael Bloomberg’s myriad racist comments couldn’t have come at a better time…..and racist comments by Joe Biden have been the stuff of legend for decades. Let’s also not forget that Jim Crowe, the KKK and slavery were borne out of the Democrat Party and it took a Republican, Abraham Lincoln – as well as a Civil War – to end slavery, at least the first round.

In 2020, there is another civil war going on and the two sides will have to fight it out and decide what type of America they want…….Socialism/slavery or Capitalism/freedom. Once again, it’s going to take another Republican, Donald Trump, to end slavery……..and to take down the people who are perpetrating it and perpetuating it, hopefully, once and for all. Thankfully, the Democrats are helping the President with every word that comes out of their mouths, with every new video and audiotape that surfaces, with every new policy they propose.

Two old, time-tested adages apply: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is in the process of committing suicide” and “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

Yesterday, James Clyburn passed on the shovel and opted for a John Deere excavator. While he asserts that Blacks fared better under slavery than they do under President Trump, my guess is that the nearly 45 million African-Americans living in this country would beg to differ. My guess, too, is that an historic percentage of them will reelect Donald Trump.

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