Pardons, Pompousness & Projection

President Trump is under attack (what a shock) again for issuing eleven Presidential pardons on Tuesday. We can debate whether or not certain individuals deserved to be pardoned. Nevertheless, consider this:

Donald Trump had the intestinal fortitude to issue these pardons in the middle of a brutal reelection campaign, the most crucial presidential election since the Civil War, where the level of hatred toward him is nothing I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

Conversely, Barack Obama (and other presidents) delayed many of his pardons until his last day in Office, when it would no longer adversely affect his political aspirations. Remember, this is a man who knew that – and even stated so in a hot microphone – “I will have more flexibility after my (re) election.”

President Obama’s most-notable commutation took place during his last week in Office, when he commuted the sentence of Bradley Manning, later transgender Chelsea Manning, who leaked 750,000 classified, or unclassified but sensitive, military and diplomatic documents, giving state secrets to America’s enemies. Mr. Obama also commuted the sentence of Lopez Rivera, a terrorist who killed Americans.

President Obama also rescued deserter and traitor, Bowe Bergdahl, a man who walked away from his unit to commiserate with the Taliban. Several American heroes died while trying to rescue Bergdahl, a man who deserted them.

Obama then released five Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay – some of the worst human beings to ever walk the face of the earth – and offered them to the Taliban in exchange for Bergdahl. Later, his parents were welcomed to the White House Rose Garden where the hirsute Bob Bergdal, looking every bit a Taliban himself, thanked Allah for the release of his son as he salted and peppered his comments with Arabic and Pashto.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama allowed an American hero, former Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi, to rot in a Mexican prison for seven months simply because he accidentally crossed the border with several weapons in his truck. Tahmooressi got caught in a vehicular cattle shute and could not turn around, so was forced to cross the border. He was held in the most abhorrent conditions and was starved, abused and beaten while Obama did nothing.

I wonder how many of the same people are rising up in righteous indignation over President Trump’s pardons even as they support the pardon of convicted Philadelphia cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. I wonder how many are in favor of allowing convicted felons – including rapists, murderers and terrorists who are still serving jail time – to vote, as Bernie Sanders proposes. I wonder how many gave President Trump the slightest bit of credit for the Second Chance Act, which righted some injustices for thousands of federal inmates and took an important step forward in criminal justice reform, something that should have satiated those who have been pounding the table over this issue for years.

Democrats, leftists, liberals have raised the arts of hypocrisy and projection to a science.

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