Rewriting America’s History

If you have school age children or grandchildren, this ought to scare you to death. 

The New York Times has embarked on what they call “The 1619 Project.” Their goal is to spread the narrative that the actual founding of our country took place in 1619, the year the first slaves were sold in America.

In so doing, the Times hopes to rewrite history, to establish that our nation’s very founding was flawed and illegitimate, having been built off the backs of slaves. The goal is to indeed brainwash and inculcate young people – and even adults who don’t know our history – in order to make them hate America as early as possible, with the hope that one day they will grow up and vote for the Party which embraces and propagates this narrative, the Democrat Party. Failed presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke, made this “1619 Project” lie one of the frequent talking points of his short-lived campaign.

Unfortunately, the 1619 Project is already part of the curriculum in a number of classrooms around the country. Parents and grandparents need to protect their young ones and put a stop to this by becoming actively involved in their children’s schooling and by attending local school board meetings.

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