Better hide the children.

My social media comments about J-Lo and Shakira’s Super Bowl “performance” were the subject of an on-air radio discussion last week.

Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions and I respect the opinions of those who respect mine, in return. Such was the case in this instance. While the radio host took serious umbrage with what I said online, he was respectful of me and of those who shared my opinions during the radio discussion.

I listened as the callers opined on-the-air, generally agreeing with me. One or two thought the presentation was fine, but suggested it might not be appropriate for younger viewers……..and THAT was my point, all along. Two parents, in particular – given that they ARE parents – made my point even better than I could, because I am not a parent.

When parents watch this kind of stuff with their children, the children get the message that “Well, if my mom and dad think it’s OK, it MUST be.” No one will ever convince me otherwise.

What is to then stop these children from one day exhibiting this same kind of behavior? Why wouldn’t a boy hold women (including his mother or sisters) in the same regard as does his own father? Why wouldn’t a girl behave in a manner that her own mother has signaled she finds perfectly acceptable?

I am still incredulous as to how parents can sit in the same room and watch such a display together, regardless of the age of their children. As a 57 year old man, I would have been mortified to watch this with my elderly parents and they would have been, likewise, to watch with me. As it is, I watched with a couple of friends who have a few years on me, one of whom is a woman. I was not comfortable watching in mixed company and I gather, neither was she.

Parents establish a pattern of what’s acceptable and what is not acceptable for their children. When I was growing up, I ALWAYS knew what my mother and father would have thought of any particular act, behavior or situation. Often was the time I wouldn’t even ask a certain question of my parents because I already knew what the answer would be. That’s as it should be.

One day, your children will become teenagers, young men and women. Who are you to then tell them that a particular behavior is wrong when – all of their lives – you have given these behaviors your tacit endorsement by the example you have set?

That goes for the music you allow into your home, as well. Don’t expect your children not to salt & pepper their speech with various and sundry expletives when, for years, you have allowed them to listen to hip hop “music” and have listened to it yourself, IN FRONT OF THEM!!! You are in no position to admonish your children when, by your own actions, you have told them you approve of such language.

But, what do I know? I’m not a parent. My opinion is meaningless. That’s what I’ve always been told.

Here’s what I DO know. I’m not a parent. However, I WAS a child. Children will ALWAYS push boundaries. YOU set those boundaries. Generally, kids will do only what they can get away with. If you raise them with no boundaries, don’t expect to be able to begin establishing them when your children are 15 years old. Common sense would tell you that ain’t gonna happen.

But, what do I know?

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